Entrance into the Academy is by invitation only.

Players Under 16 and 14 and over at the 31st August each season, and thus appearing on the Under 16 rankings for that season, are eligible for invitation.


Players are invited:

  1. from the Under 16 JTE Tour rankings where players have participated in a minimum seven events.

  2. IF all the places are not filled, then players can be invited from the Under 16 BTBA Tour rankings, again where they have participated in a minimum of seven events

  3. IF there is still capacity then players with fewer events on the JTE Tour rankings, and then the BTBA Tour rankings, will be considered.

  4. Finally, if after all of this there are still spaces left, players who have been recommended by either Academy coaching staff OR their own YBC may be invited.

  5. In extenuating circumstances players who are over 16 or under 14 may be invited. This is at the discretion of the N.A.Y.B.C. and the Academy Director.


This may seem a bit complicated but it is the intention of the N.A.Y.B.C. to ensure as many eligible players as possible get the opportunity to attend the Academy each year.