Join the BTBA Tour

Join the BTBA Tour…
The BTBA tour is the umbrella covering sanctioned junior events all over the country. Participants can bowl in as few or as many events as they like, earning ranking points for each event they play. Ranking points are then compiled into BTBA Tour Bowler Ranking Lists for the season.
There are currently 15 events scheduled for this season in various formats, from classic singles through to multi-event singles, doubles and teams. Check out the calendar for events near you.

At the end of the season there will be a finals days to determine the BTBA Tour Champions. Details will be announced later in the year on the NAYBC website...
What are Ranking Lists?
Throughout the season as you bowl ranking tournaments, you will accumulate points based on your scores. Your best four results give you your ranking position. They are like football league tables.

How are Ranking Points allocated?
Ranking points are awarded on your scratch pinfall scored in qualifying rounds for a tournament.

dbjgp20131711a2.jpgThere are three age divisions: U11, U16 and U19 for both boys and girls. Each division is awarded points separately as follows:
1st place 120, 2nd place 110, 3rd place 100, then down in 5s to 60 points, followed by 59, 58, 57 down to 1 point for 70th place.
The age divisions for the ranking points may not tie-in with the age / average divisions for tournaments and awards for winning divisions in tournaments will stand as per tournament rules. JTE bowlers are not eligible for BTBA Tour points but may still win prizes from BTBA Tour events.

Do you have a Website?
Yes, we have a dedicated website which shows all the ranking lists, event results, YBC and bowler profiles for detailed analysis. Check it out at
  • Ranking Lists - Shows all bowler points by age division and can be printed to go on your YBC noticeboard.
  • Bowler Profiles - Gives you a quick overview of your event points across each tournament throughout the season as well as your average and pinfall. Make sure you upload a photo to complete your profile!
  • YBC Profiles - Shows you how your YBC has accumulated points from different events.
  • Event Calendar - Lists the BTBA Tour events with links to entry forms and results after the event.
Download our flyer here and ask your YBC and bowl to put it up on their noticeboards.  Perhaps your school or local sports or after-school club would also display a copy?
The BTBA Tour is the start of an exciting and rewarding journey in sport for both the bowler and their family.  Ultimately, every junior bowler on the BTBA Tour can aspire to reach, and become, a member of a future Junior Team England!