World Sports Festival 2012
Vienna, Austria - July 5th to 8th 2012

The World Sports Festival is one of the largest international youth tournaments, and took place in Vienna between July 5th and 8th 2012.  More then 2,500 athletes from 25 nations from all over the world took part in 13 sports, including bowling.  2012 saw 3 new countries taking part for the first time - Canada, Khazakhstan and Belgium.

The festival ran over 4 days. After the registration of the participants on the first day the preliminaries began on the next day and there was the opening ceremony in the afternoon/evening. The third day was dedicated to the tournaments and the Players‘ Party. On the last day the finals were played and the winners of the World Sports Festival are chosen.

The venue for the bowlers was Plus Bowling Center Hernals, Beheimgasse 5-7, 1170 Wien (




About the Tournament:  All bowlers were graded for handicap, and assembled into mixed groups of 3 or 4 players.  The teams played four squads, each comprising 3 games with lane change after each game.  The top 30 players qualified for the singles event over 6 games with pinfall carried forward, from which the top 4 entered the stepladder final.

The tournament was played on the Kegel Navigation Series 'Bourbon Street' oil pattern.



 Medals for U14 boys - Jamie Gore Gold, U14 girls - Joanna Hackett Gold, Katie Finnegan Silver.

U18 boys - Luke Timbrell Gold, U18 girls - Hannah Willoughby Silver.  Team - Hayley Claydon Gold

Hannah Willougby Silver and Luke Timbrell Bronze


Results - Team

Team Results - England bowlers in teams

Rank Team
SQ 1
SQ 2
SQ 3
SQ 4
HDC 12 games pins
team total
SQ 1

17 CRANFIELD Isiha D 159.00 543 521 555 539 180 2338  
1 17 CLAYDON Hayley C 164.00 442 559 570 557 120 2248 6527

17 BURKE Luke E 120.00 414 415 342 530 240 1941  

14 WILLOUGHBY Hannah B 175.00 620 547 551 539 60 2317 6490
2 14 GRUPPETTA Philip D 159.00 619 526 559 586 180 2470 6490

14 INFANTE Neil Phillip E 114.20 380 305 414 364 240 1703 6490

10 TIMBRELL Luke B 177.00 567 615 593 635 60 2470  
3 10 DUDEK David B 176.30 629 604 594 547 60 2434 6479

10 ATTARD Kurt E 103.00 348 325 331 331 240 1575  

13 BELLAMY Ben B 176.00 584 509 629 536 60 2318 6384
4 13 GARCIA Inigo C 164.80 525 575 574 592 120 2386 6384

13 WIRTH Elisabeth E 113.30 397 307 383 353 240 1680 6384

18 FINNEGAN Katie D 159.00 509 515 560 495 180 2259  
5 18 HAAG Thomas C 161.00 462 376 574 487 120 2019 6349

18 BURKE Kyle E 122.00 450 443 469 469 240 2071  

16 EISNER Roxana C 169.80 544 498 469 590 120 2221 6243
8 16 DOWELL Amy C 160.00 465 475 523 478 120 2061 6243

16 HAEST Shinya E 119.00 364 416 442 499 240 1961 6243

8 HACKETT Joanna A 190.00 522 554 540 548 0 2164  
9 8 LUNA Laura C 166.80 560 494 526 506 120 2206 6128

8 PECHBÖCK Pascal E 100.00 360 350 411 397 240 1758  

11 JOHNSON Jason B 176.30 485 540 565 512 60 2162 6062
11 11 EDWARDS Jake C 174.00 599 523 565 480 120 2287 6062

11 MAGRO Daniel E 101.00 295 344 333 401 240 1613 6062

20 LEMBERGER Lucas D 158.80 494 481 508 494 180 2157  
14 20 JONES Louise D 154.00 408 475 418 527 180 2008 6015

20 BERARDI Sophia E 130.00 362 373 458 417 240 1850  

2 McMINN James A 200.00 577 567 575 575 0 2294 5889
17 2 MAIER Erik A 192.70 562 669 650 524 0 2405 5889

2 LUNA Pedro E 76.80 206 243 261 240 240 1190 5889

5 CRANFIELD Nathaniel Akeem B 187.00 510 576 492 460 60 2098  
20 5 GORE Jamie B 182.00 518 549 595 665 60 2387 5805

5 ANANIEV Kiril E 90.00 270 270 270 270 240 1320  

1 BANHAM Freddie A 203.00 546 653 611 581 0 2391 5716
22 1 CELLER Christian A 197.30 590 590 528 624 0 2332 5716

1 LUNA Jesus E 65.70 228 183 174 168 240 993 5716


Results - Single

Singles Results - England bowlers

Note: results of the step-ladder were not published when this information was available - these position are final qualifying and do not represent the final standings.

SQ 1
SQ 2
SQ 3
SQ 4


2 BU14 GORE Jamie B 182.00 518 549 595 665 60 2387
5 BU14 EDWARDS Jake C 174.00 599 523 565 480 120 2287
4 BU18 TIMBRELL Luke B 177.00 567 615 593 635 60 2470
6 BU18 BANHAM Freddie A 203.00 546 653 611 581 0 2391
9 BU18 BELLAMY Ben B 176.00 584 509 629 536 60 2318
10 BU18 McMINN James A 200.00 577 567 575 575 0 2294
1 GU14 FINNEGAN Katie D 159.00 509 515 560 495 180 2259
2 GU14 HACKETT Joanna A 190.00 522 554 540 548 0 2164
1 GU18 WILLOUGHBY Hannah B 175.00 620 547 551 539 60 2317
2 GU18 CLAYDON Hayley C 164.00 442 559 570 557 120 2248
7 GU18 DOWELL Amy C 160.00 465 475 523 478 120 2061
9 GU18 JONES Louise D 154.00 408 475 418 527 180 2008







Results - Step Ladder

Boy's U18

4. GER MAIER Erik HDC 0 221


3. AUT PILRCKY Marco HDC 0 217




Champion TIMBRELL Luke
1. BEL RAGUSA Giancarlo HDC 0



Girl's U18

4. ESP LUNA Laura HDC 10 154


3. AUT EISNER Roxana HDC 5 188




Champion EISNER Roxana



Boy's U14

4. GER NIKOLAUS Heni HDC 0 153


3. ESP GARCIA Inigo HDC 5 141


2. ENG GORE Jamie HDC 0


Champion GORE Jamie
1. AUT DUDEK David HDC 0



Girl's U14

4. GER LÖW Alexandra HDC 20 154


3. BEL HAEST Shinya HDC 20 201




Champion HACKETT Joanna



Our Bowlers Reports


Zumba Warm-Up

Jake Edwards

The things I liked: The room at the hotel.  The other England bowlers from the academy.  Working with the coaches to improve my game.  Zumba warm up.  Making new friends.  Seeing and playing against bowlers from other countries.

The things I didn't like as much: The variety of food available.  The disco because they didn't encourage people to stay there.

For me I really enjoyed travelling to Vienna, and meeting all the new people.  Getting to know the England bowlers better, making good friendships and having lots of fun.  Also, seeing bowlers from different countries, their styles and getting to compete with them in the team events. At the opening ceremony, seeing all the different countries represented and the sports taking part in the festival. Holding the banner for the United Kingdom made me very proud to be taking part and representing my country. Whilst I was proud of my achievements bowling, I felt that I could have done better on the second day but I still had a great time seeing my team mates getting trophies and doing well.

Thank you for selecting me to go to Vienna, it will be an experience I will never forget. 

Luke Timbrell

I would like to thank you and the other coaches that took us to Vienna for making it the best event I have ever had. There was nothing in the event that I didnt enjoy. The food that we ate at the hotel and at the bowling were good. The atmosphere was amazing and it was a good laugh. I thought that the whole of team England did exceptionally well at the tournament as proven by the rewards. Thank you again for making the event great. 

James McMinn 

Thank you so much for allowing me to play for England in Vienna last week, it was a great experience and hopefully the first of many! Before going I was worried about food but when I got out there you and all the coaches did everything you could to help me and I really am greatful for this. I met some awesome people, made some great friends and had such a laugh. Although I was a bit dissappointed with the way I bowled I learn't a lot and I was really proud of everyone because they did fantastic! I'd like to thank you and everyone who made this possible and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon. :)   

Jamie Gore

Vienna was an amazing trip and experience which I will never forget. The rooms in the hotel were very spacious and good quality but I didn't really like the food. I made lots of new friends, both from England and other countries and have added them on facebook already. I would like to thank all the coaches for their help, especially Paul for his help in the final. I will never forget the feeling, standing on the podium singing the National Anthem. The whole trip was fantastic and really fun and I would do it all again tomorrow if I could. 

Katie Finnigan

The things I liked:- I enjoyed staying in the hotel with the other bowlers and meeting people from other countries. I made some really good friends. The opening ceremony was a lot bigger than I had imagined and I enjoyed walking out to the National Anthem. The bowling was good, a little scary at first, but once I had settled in I really enjoyed it and the coaches really helped me if I was struggling and they kept me focused.

The things I didn’t like as much: I got really tired and struggled with the heat.

The experience:- Overall I had an amazing experience, and I would love to do something like it again in the future. I have made friends with people from the England Academy and also people from other countries and had a really good laugh too. I won Silver in the singles but was a bit annoyed at myself for not winning gold! I felt really proud to wear the England shirt and represent my country. I would like to thank the England Academy for selecting me and also the coaches for all their help and encouragement.

Ben Bellamy

When we were first told about Vienna in the first session of academy. I thought, right I need to go there. That and wanting to improve my game motivated me to try and be the best bowler I can be.  Despite bowling below my best I was proud to be in Vienna. When we weren’t bowling I had an immense time with a amazing group of friends who I can’t wait to see again at academy and other events. My coach at Leeds said that everyone who goes to Vienna goes on to do great things in Bowling and that is exactly what I intend to do. Thank you for this opportunity, I will never forget what I have learned.

Hannah Willoughby

I really enjoyed Vienna. I met some amazing people as everyone was so friendly. The bowling was good fun with all the dancing and jokes, thank you to all the coaches who offered their help. The whole experience was great, at the bowl and at the hotel with all the atheles. I really have made some friends for life and will never forget the time we all spent in Vienna.

Joanna Hackett

Joanna Hackett: Vienna for me was an unbelievable experience and I would like to thank all the coaches and sponsors for making it possible for us to go and represent England in the World Sports Festival 2012. The experience for me was of great benefit because I was able to be independent and learned to rely on my fellow bowlers, which was great because I have made new friends that I really get along with.

I personally really was thankful for this because before Vienna I never really knew that many people in bowling. I also enjoyed having the chance to meet new people from other countries, and learn new bowling techniques. The coaches also helped me to not only read the lane conditions but taught me to make small adjustments to my approach which really did make a difference on the lane, and showed me the importance of a single board adjustment.

The experience for us as a team I believe was also a great benefit because when we didn’t have our parents we started to rely on each other which made us come together as a team and really enjoyed ourselves not only at the hotel but on the lanes too. We all got to know each other really well and helped each other out when anyone needed it, and with this we became a great team that supported each other throughout the tournament and our stay in Vienna.

On the whole I believe that Vienna was a great success for not only did we come together as a team and learned some tips about bowling, we also managed to bring home some medals. I really enjoyed Vienna and wish to go back again! I would again like to thank all the coaches and all the sponsors for making this possible for me. I felt that it was a great honour to represent my country in the World Youth Games.

Louise Jones

I really enjoyed the experience in Vienna. Although i know i didnt play to my own expectations it was such an experience and really enjoyed the bowling as i always do. I learnt a lot about myself within my bowling and became more clear of what i have to work on which i am sure will help me by miles for next year and i am going to put all of that into good use.
Vienna gave me an insight of what i am hoping to do a lot more, i also enjoyed getting to know everyone a lot more and all of the coaches, and also becoming friends with people from different countries... the hotel was beautiful and i enjoyed the food.. especially the cheese and jam on bread (haha) although i had a few mind blowing blonde moments (hahaha) it was all part of the fun and i can honestly say the whole 4 days will stay in my mind forever; everyone who has been in past years who told me it was one of their best experiences of their life were right, and i can say the same now.
Thank you so much for the whole 4 days to you and the rest of the coaches, it was the highlight of my summer.

Hayley Claydon
Thank you ever so much for selecting me to be part of the team to represent my country. It was an unforgettable experience and I enjoyed myself immensly. What I liked most about this experience was meeting many different people from my own country and from other countries, and observing their own way of bowling, and therefore gaining tips on how to improve my own game.
I made some new and amazing friends whilst there, and I hope we keep in touch. I liked the hotel very much, although the evening entertainment was a little boring, as there was not much team building or much social mixing between many countries as far as I could see, so I much rathered enjoyed spending the evenings with my friends in the corridors. I was not a big fan of the food there, but I did try as much of it as I could.
I also learnt some new tactics whilst bowling, such as to focus on one shot at a time, and not the whole game at once. I have also learnt to not let my emotions get the better of me if I am not bowling as well as I believe I could be. What I also loved about the trip was listening to the coaches tales about past trips either to Vienna or areas in England, which were inspiring and entertaining.
Again, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to represent England, and I am so proud of myself and the rest of the team, and it was an experience I shall never forget.

Amy Dowell
Firstly I would like to say thank you very much for the giving me the opportunity to bowl for England, hopefully it won't be the last time. I really enjoyed the proud feeling of been able to carry my countries flag at the opening ceremony. Although I didn't bowl exceptionally well, when I was down and felt like stopping the coaches were there offering their experience and I have learnt some new things that I didn't know before going into the tournament.
The hotel was lovely and the food was all right. The one bad thing was the players party because it was more of an award ceremony for wrestling and then a disco but no-one wanted to be there. I met some great new people from England and also from other countries. I have mad some friends for life and it won't be long before you see us all together topping the rankings at tournaments.
So thank you so much for your help when I was bowling and for giving me the amazing opportunity to be able to wear my countries name on the back of my shirt at a national level