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Odense Bowlinghal, Odense, Denmark

9th-21st April 2014
Junior Team England's girls dominated the podium in the 2014 European Youth Championships with a total of 9 medals (5 by event), winning the Team Silver, doubles silver, singles bronze, all events gold and Masters silver.
Report: EYC 2014 Odense Round up
Terry Searle, Team England Coach, writes a light-hearted review about the team and their experiences in Denmark.  Click here..  

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Masters Silver for Keira
(l-r) Keira Reay, Lea Degenhardt (GER), Emelie Tiveljung (SWE), Oleksandra Yakunina (UKR)
Picture NAYBC
Keira Reay completed a memorable European Youth Championships for 2014 by winning the Masters silver, to add to her all events gold, team silver, doubles silver and singles bronze.  As first seed, Reay first defeated Riikka Hakala (FIN) 203/186 & 223/199 to progress to Step Three, where she defeated Caitlin Dicay (DEN) 212/195 & 194/179 and then Oleksandra Yakunina (UKR) in the semi-finals 216/191 & 246/231.  Reay powered-ahead in the finals against Lea Degenhardt (GER) who struggled to find pocket, loosing game 1 to Reay 237-156, however a ball change and a run of strikes for Degenhardt was enough to keep-ahead of Reay in game 2, 258-213 leaving the third game wide-open.  Degenhardt won that final game 212-175 to take the gold.

All Events Gold for Keira
(l-r) Maria Bulanova, Keira Reay, Emelie Tiveljung Girls All Events
  Pictures Onder Gurkan
Keira Reay captured her second consecutive EYC All Events gold medal when she headed the 2014 tables in Denmark.   With 3915 over 18 games (217.5 avergae) Reay was +524 from the top-24 cut.  Second-placed Maria Bulanova (RUS) finished with 3847 / 213.7 / +456 and third-placed Emelie Tiveljung (SWE) finished with 3803 / 211.3 / +412.

Singles Bronze For Keira
(l-r) Emelie Tivuljung, Maria Bulanova, Cajsa Wegner and Keira Reay
Girls Singles
Pictures Onder Gurkan
After qualification completed in the girl's sinlges, Russia's Maria Bulanova was first, Sweden's Cajsa Wegner and Emelie Tiveljung were second & third, and England's Keira Reay fourth.  Semi-final one would see Reay fall to Bulanova 244-178 and in semi-final two Wegner defeated team mate Tiveljung 207-195.  In the finals Bulanova defeated Wegner 201-180.

Girls Win Team Silver
(l-r) Terry Searle, Frankie Plewis, Becky Daly, Emily Allen and Keira Reay
Picture Onder Gurkan
England's girls qualified in second place for the finals, bowling 4,799 (200 avg) over six games, just 28 pins behind leaders Sweden.  Games of 740, 783, 781 in block 1 and 844, 770 and 881 in block 2 placed them +144 over Russia in fourth, who would go on to defeat England in the finals, with Maria Bulanova being the difference bowling a 278 game.  Russia had defeated Sweden 771-737 again with Bulanova bowling a key 224, whilst England defeated third-placed qualifiers Germany 780-711 to reach the finals.

Doubles Silver Joy for Emily and Keira 
Emily Allen, left, and Keira Reay

Emily Allen and Keira Reay took England's first medal in EYC2014, taking silver in the girls doubles.  Allen and Reay had completed qualifying as top-seeds with a total pinfall of 2,533 (211.1 avg) and played through a tense and difficult semi-finals with Finland's Teea Mäkelä and Iida Gylden, in which the girls drew on 339 pins.  After winning the tenth-frame roll-off, they were defeated 443-376 in the finals by Sweden's Emelie Tiveljung and Filippa Persson.


Junior Team England reports from the EYC

Team England Special reports

We are delighted to receive from the Junior Team England bowlers reports from Denmark.  Written by the team, they provide a great insight into being a member of one of the most respected teams in bowling, and how they spend their free time.


Junior Team England 2014
(l-r) George Ackerman, Brandon Roberts, Alex Green, Sean Hussey, Keira Reay, Emily Allen, Rebecca Daly, Franchesca Plewis

2014eyc_writing.jpgDay 10, 19th April: Girls Singles:

Emily: Disappointed with my performance, things just did not seem to click, yet come through with a reasonable score to enable me to finish in 11th place for the Masters.

Becky: After an unsatisfactory first game I picked up my performance, which helped me bowl consistent scores, enough to put me through to the masters. Overall I was happy with how I managed to stay positive, keeping my head up throughout the whole event.

Frankie: I was unhappy with the way I bowled in the singles, an injury reoccurred in my right hand and despite all the freeze treatments, strapping and kinesiology taping it affected my confidence in my shot and release, so after not playing my best it knocked me down the qualifying position for the master but I still scraped in.

Keira: I was really happy with the way I started, I was trying not to think about where I would be finishing in the all events and just concentrate on each shot and the job in hand to win the singles, I felt I could have finished in a higher position than 4th, but I had done it again, won a singles medal, and then told I had done more than enough to be the European All Events Champion for the second year in a row, but I still had the one game knockout finals to play. I had to play the Russian girl who hit a 279 in the team finals against us, it was a good game but Maria ended up winning, leaving me a Bronze medallist in the singles.

eyc2014_bshirts.jpgDay 9, 18th April: Boys Singles:

Alex:  190,213,190,170,146,151 = 1060

“I got off to a fairly decent start and felt as though I was throwing the ball ok in the first three games. However in the last 3 games I did not throw the ball well and did not have a good ball reaction. I was very disappointed with my singles and this was not the finish I wanted to the event, however I have learnt a lot from the experience and it has motivated me to work harder to improve my game and take it to the next level.”

Brandon: 247,219,157,201,197,238 = 1259

“I lacked a bit of confidence going into the singles but after the 10 minute practice I gained my confidence back. I bowled better in singles unlike the other two events except the third game where I would have bowled better if I threw it left handed (and blindfolded). I then agreed to play a different part of the lane which resulted in having a bit more area and better scoring.“                

George:   204, 198, 243, 176, 181, 169 = 1171

“I felt like I was throwing the ball a lot better today compared to the other days that I bowled due to the fact that my timing felt like it was a lot more in check and was repeating shots more often. I needed to improve my sparing a lot the other days as well due to the fact that I was concentrating more on making them.”

Sean:  224, 137, 223, 224, 177, 158 = 1143              

“I had a good feeling about the singles better than any other event as I was more settled into the swing of how the tournament felt. I felt like I was throwing the ball much stronger than the beginning of the week. But after the first 4 games I was good but I faded in the last 2 but I have learnt so much just on the experience I have from this event.”

Keith was disappointed with the overall performance, but no more than the players, we all started out with high expectations believing we had learned lessons from the games played earlier in the week.  The players met with the coach before the singles and discussed strategies, there was agreements on how we would play the Ice oil but these were harder to put into practice than we had thought, we understood the fresh oil, what happens in the transitions and that the last 2 games the pattern was more stable, lastly the need for a weaker ball to store the energy, or controlled faster ball speeds became an obvious requirement.

These will be discussed upon our return and arrangements made to ensure these skill are available to today’s junior players.

eyc2014_bteam.jpgDays 7 & 8, 16th & 17th April: Team reports from the boys and girls over both days.


Boys Day 1

We had games of 904, 744, and 783 to put us in 6th.

Boys Day 2

We struggled more on the second day with scores of 690, 770 and 710 which had us finish in 8th.


“In the team event, I felt that I performed better in the first 3 games but was under par in the second 3 games. My bowling wasn’t great and sparing was not up to standard that I needed it to be”


“In team I felt like I put a lot of pressure on myself because I wanted to win a medal really bad. Because I did that I bowled terrible. Hopefully I’ll bowl better in the singles”


“Heading into day one of the team event I had confidence in my bowling. In practice I managed to get lined up on day one, and played well and we were 6th going into the second day. However on day two, something just didn’t seem to click within the boys team and we didn’t bowl well which stopped us from making the finals”


“We got off to a reasonably good start on day one finishing 6th, I did not play too badly and my sparing was better than it had been in the doubles. However on day two we got off to a bad start, we were unable to overcome this which resulted in us not making the finals. We all tried to learn as much as we could from this event in preparation for the singles”

eyc2014_gteanmsilver2.jpgGirls Day 1

We had score of 740, 783 and 781 which put us in 5th just outside of the top 4 required to make the finals.

Girls Day 2

We bowled better scoring 844, 770 and 881 to qualify in 2nd.

Girls Semi Final:

We beat Germany 780-711.

Girls Final:

We lost to Russia in the final to take a silver medal in the team event.


“After a slow start in the first day we all knew that we needed a big push on the second day so that’s what we did with a fantastic final game. This meant we qualified in second for the finals.

In the semi-final we played Germany. We had a strong start which meant we had a good lead by the 6th frame which led to a comfortable win.

Then it was the finals where we had Russia who had previously knocked out Sweden in the semi-finals. It was a very close game yet Maria Bulanova shot an impressive 279 with the first 9 in a row. So unfortunately it was silver again for the girls.

All four of us came away feeling positive and proud to be part of such a close team.”


“Before we even got to Denmark, me and the girls wanted to bring team gold home. We took the silver which is still great. The Russian anchor had front 9 which basically won them the match. We fought our hardest and there was not much more we could do”


“All we had spoken about in the time before Denmark was taking home the team gold medal. Although that never happened we still ended up with a silver medal which we are all very happy with. The final was a close and tough match; however the anchor bowler bowled a 279 which won them the match. We all played the best we possibly could on those lanes and we never gave up.”

eyc2014_keiraemily_dbls.pngDay 6, 15th April: We spoke to all the girls to find out what they thought about their performance in their doubles event.

Frankie and Becky doubles =2307 (192.2 average) 10th place
Frankie Plewis – 221,162,180,167,236,174 = 1140 (190 average) All Events – 25th

“I felt like I was bowling good shots; however I needed to be more consistent at hitting my target and breakpoint. Overall I enjoyed bowling with Becky and look forward to the team event tomorrow.”

Becky Daly – 209,174,206,224,189,165 = 1167 (194.5 average) All Events – 15th
“I felt like I was releasing the bowl well and had good shots; however I need to keep my speed steady for my first step to improve my consistency with hitting my target. I had fun on the lanes and am looking forward to bowling the team event with the other girls.”

Keira and Emily doubles =2533 (211.1 average) 1st place
Keira Reay – 187,247,214,234,189,266 = 1337 (222.8 average) All Events – 1st

“I was nervous at the beginning, but settled in well because I found a good line that had some area. After me and Emily bowled well in qualifying first, I was confident we had what it takes to bring the gold home; I had faith in Emily when I wasn’t throwing so well. Even though I am a little disappointed we didn’t take the gold, being one of the best doubles team in Europe with my best mate is amazing”

Emily Allen– 258,191,164,216,199,168 = 1196 (199.3 average) All Events – 10th
“Never been so nervous in all my life and today has brought many special memories that I will never forget! So happy with a silver medal in the doubles and cannot wait for tomorrow!!”

Emily spared the 4-8-10 in the 10th frame of the last game to win the qualifying by three pins.
Emily and Keira’s semi-final match against Finland was an extremely exciting that will never be forgotten. Emily struck the first ball in the 10th and then needed the second strike to win, however unfortunately she left the 4-7. She walked back from the shot thinking she had lost to be told by Terry that she needed the spare to tie. She took a deep breath and threw a great shot under pressure to take out the spare with a finishing score of 339-339. The tie breaker consisted of one shot from each player. Keira threw a great shot however didn’t carry the 10 pin. The first girl from Finland also shot a 9 which meant all the pressure was on Emily. Emily dealt well with the pressure and through a great shot for a strike giving them an overall score of 19. The second girl from Finland also threw a 9 which meant England won the tie breaker 19-18.

Terry Searle the girls coach said ”The day was a rollercoaster, with some disappointments and lots of elations, summarised by Emily’s 10th frame in the final game when she left a 4-8-10 and came back looking like the world had ended, after a discussion where missing was no longer an option, Emily then spared the split with thunderous noise from the England spectators, and then threw a strike to qualify 1st in the doubles” the Allen family was also represented on every part of the live streaming, whatever game, whatever lane , the one thing you was sure to hear was England’s number one supporter Izzy Allen
We love you England, we love you Izzy.

Then Dinner in the bowl and back to the hotel for 9pm to prepare for both the team events tomorrow afternoon.

boys_dbls_2.jpgDay 5, 14th April: We spoke with all the boys to find out how they found the day.

Sean and Alex doubles = 2230 (185.8 average) Finished 27th
Sean Hussey – 180,157,157,183,157,246 = 1080 (180 average) All Events – 65th
“I felt a bit down after we had finished the doubles event, but after reflecting back on my performance I realised I was throwing the ball well, but was not mentally set. After a good last game I found a better shot and am now ready for the team event.”

Alex Green – 181,224,206,190,170,179 = 1150 (191.7 average) All Events – 59th
“I was quite disappointed with how I played. I started ok in the first four games and felt as though I was throwing the ball quite well, but then things went wrong in the final two games where I missed too many spares. I think this is because my swing began to tense up, therefore I intend to do the swing drill before each shot in the next event to keep my swing more relaxed.”

Brandon and George doubles = 2291 (190.9 average) Finished 17th
Brandon Roberts – 192,206,185,197,183,204 = 1167 (194.5 average) All Events - 30th
“My feet where too fast which prevented me from matching up to the lane in order to carry and score well, however I felt I was throwing the ball quite well, so I intend to slow my feet down to improve my performance in the team event.”

George Ackerman – 206,191,200,169,200,158 = 1124 (187.3 average) All Events – 49th“I was disappointed with today as I didn’t spare well. In order to do better in the team event I need to focus more on my spares, post my shots and trust my ball reaction.”

After we watched the boy’s first couple of games our parents took the girls back to their apartments to relax and have a break from the bowling. We went shopping for our rooms and just chilled talking to our parents telling them what we have been up to for the last couple of days. Then they took us to this little café where we had our dinner some of us had ribs and these huge burgers! After that we headed back to the bowl and cheered on the boys for the last couple of we had our dinner some of us had ribs and these huge burgers! After that we just headed back to the bowl and cheered on the boys for the last couple of games.

Day 4, 13th April: We all woke up early for breakfast with that butterfly feeling in our stomachs with official practice soon approaching. We met for breakfast at 7:00am. Keira and Emily resisted the temptation of trying to ‘borrow’ some bacon again after being caught yesterday. We all tucked in to a variety of freshly baked breads, cold meat platters and a selection of pastries (still no hot food).

We took a coach to the bowl, arriving early at 8:20am. We then had to do a long wait before official practice started at 10am whilst Terry started telling “man walked into a bar” jokes, then everyone joined in telling more jokes that got worse and worse! During the wait, the parents arrived and Terry as Neville attended the tournament managers meeting to discuss the pattern choice for the event as well as other top secret material, (Bus Schedules etc.).

We finally got on to the lanes waiting to begin; this is where the excitement and nerves really began to kick in as we looked around the centre to see the competitors from the other countries. During the practice, which was on the official lane pattern we made sure we had a variety of shots with different bowling balls to match up properly ready for the event. We all knew exactly what each one did. We also changed some surfaces of bowling balls, making necessary adjustments and watched to see how the lanes broke down.

We returned to the hotel joined by Emily’s sister Issy and Alex’s brother Sam for some relaxation time before going out for dinner. This time was spent getting showered, playing cards and pool and eating away at our secret stash of food for lunch.
It all became very real at the start of the opening ceremony, when we all stood in a big tent looking at all the other competitors from all the other countries and realising how big this event is. At the ceremony we all marched out on to the lanes , with Emily at the front anything could happen, and did! Whilst all other teams waited to be called Emily marched out on her own and had to be called back because George forgot that he had to carry the flag at the beginning of the march out, and not at the end. So Becky stepped in to grab the flag and organise the mess they made.

After the speeches, there was a parade of the Hans Christian Anderson marches that was formed with a load of children dressed up in fairy-tale costumes and a gentleman who was Hans Christian Anderson. After some stories and songs, the mayor of Odense declared the event open and we all marched out. Following a 1 hour photo call from the parents we got on the coach and returned to the hotel tired and ready for bed knowing that the boys start with breakfast at 7:00am.

Reported By Junior Team England.

te_billie.jpgDay 3, 12th April: We all woke up excited for breakfast, especially the Danish bacon! Unfortunately we then went down for breakfast to find that there was no hot food and that we were only allowed a continental breakfast at the Radisson, but Keira and Emily were on the move, they cunningly attempted to ‘borrow’ some bacon from near the kitchen, but unfortunately they were caught in the act.

The disappointment of the lack of bacon was made up for when we reached the bus station and there was a McDonalds, the team rushed in with only 10 minutes before the bus was due. We then made our way to the bus where we were greeted by an extremely pleasant bus driver that was kind enough to let us get the bus for free to the zoo. We then arrived at the zoo and then went off in groups to visit the animals. The lads went off and spent the majority of the time getting selfies with all the animals whilst the girls were chased by a loose pelican that has scarred Emily for life. The girls spent most of the morning in the play area where Emily revisited her childhood as a 5 year old and felt the need to fall dramatically to her knees off the slide.

After a busy morning we were all ready for lunch, George in particular. The wait for the pizza to arrive was a long and emotional journey, we will never forget the look on George’s face as a pepperoni pizza the size of his big toe was placed in front of him, George finished the pizza in approximately 4 bites, to which he then said “I’m still hungry” but he was out done by Frankie “the terminator” Plewis who gulped the pizza down in one large mouthful! Yet George felt the need to redeem his manhood with a “coca cola downing competition”. It was a tough battle…but George was annihilated by Sean “The Husdawg” Hussey who was a master at this activity.

Once we had finished at the zoo we had to wait for a bus back to Odense bus station near the hotel, after waiting 30 minutes for a certain bus it turned out that every single bus that had been and gone went back to the bus station, we hopped onto the next one and headed back.

When we got back to the hotel some of the team met up with the Swedish but Keira and Emily decided this would be a good opportunity to have a nap before going out for dinner. We went for dinner at the café Chino which specialise in homemade burgers, the burgers looked like something from man vs food! Some of the team being so competitive took on this challenge and Emily was by far the winner having the cleanest plate (what a surprise).

After getting back from dinner knowing we had official practice the next day we decided it would be a good idea to head back to our rooms and have a good night’s sleep, making sure we were fully prepared for the day ahead.
Thus ended our food tour and now the bowling can start proper, we are sure the reason for all the food was to get Keira fat enough for her new XL trousers to fit, but it has been a good few days preparing the team for the hard long days ahead.

Live video streaming will be available thru:

Tomorrow the opening ceremony at 7pm UK time, then Monday 8am Sean Hussey and Alex Green in the doubles followed at 17:30 by Brandon Robert and George Ackerman

By JTE reporters, Keira, Alex and Emily.

Day 2, 11th April: The whole team had a great night’s sleep in the amazingly comfy beds in the Radisson Hotel.

We met for breakfast at 8:30am, which was excellent! They had a great variety of food including; freshly cooked bread, nice crispy bacon and a selection of pastries. The best part being the pot of Nutella we could help ourselves to, everyone found something they liked to eat! During breakfast we all found out that Frankie was feeling sick and discovered she had a bad cold, but fortunately Tracey was there to take some breakfast to Frankie and look after her for the day.eyc2014_unoffprac_2.jpg

It was now time to head to the bowl for unofficial practice, we all took taxis there. Everyone was really looking forward to seeing what the bowl was like and couldn’t wait to bowl. When we arrived at the bowl we were amazed to see that all 24 pro anvilane lanes were being played on for the senior trio’s league. After they had finished bowling we went to the ball park and we were pleasantly surprised to see that the staff of the bowl had unpacked our crate and stacked our equipment right at the front.

We were all so anxious to throw a ball but had to wait for Ted Thompson from Kegel to dress the lanes with the new Flex machine, using ice oil and defence C cleaner. Brandon’s shot went straight in the gutter and jumped, then flew out ending up on the other lane! Eventually Brandon remembered how to keep the ball on the lane and we all got stuck into practice. The aim of this first session was to understand the centre, how the lanes played and get ourselves comfortable. We made sure that our ball surfaces matched the Ice Oil and that we all had at least 3 balls that matched up and we were able to throw comfortably. We then tested the limits of each ball left and right so that on Sunday we can concentrate on matching up length wise.

This took us to 2 o’clock (lunch time) Terry asked the barman for a shandy (lemonade and beer) the barman gave him a mixture of beer and coke!  We then had our food that was a variety of meatballs, schnitzels, chicken nuggets and a cheese and ham toastie served with a variety of sauces not to everyone’s taste. Of the 3 schnitzels Alex had the best and biggest, declaring himself winner of the schnitzel challenge.

We went back to the hotel for some chill time before dinner but we (Alex and Keira) sat here in Terry’s room writing this creepy sick (awesome) report and we are currently waiting to go to the flammen restaurant.  On the way out to dinner we spotted the Swedish team… Brandon and Georges hearts began to race at the thought of seeing their beloved Pontus again, it was beautiful to see the good friends reunited once again!

21:57 we just arrived back in the hotel, we went to the flammen restaurant but unfortunately it was fully booked however, we have made reservations for another night. Tonight we went to the American diner which was SO GOOD! Pulled pork burger? YES PLEASE. Unlimited ice-cream? YES PLEASE.. the ice-cream counter had lots of sauces, and toppings, it was amazing. After we all ate roughly 20 ice-cream sundaes between us we decided we should head back to the hotel to hang out with some of the other countries in the games room… yes there is a games room!

Oh, before we dash.. ZOO tomorrow.. good stories are definitely ahead guys!

By Alex and Keira 

Day 1 10th April: We were due to arrive at the airport at 4:15am that meant a very early start for most of the team. Surprisingly, we all arrived early! Well- all except one! There is always one after all… Frankie “the sloth” Plewis trailed into the airport 20 minutes later than everyone else. Everyone even had a bet on who would arrive last and most backed Frankie. Eventually we were all together anxious to try on our new tracksuits. We were told that the tracksuits were nice but they exceeded our expectations, everyone was over the moon- except Keira, due to being borderline dwarf… she ended up with some shockingly bad baggy trousers. But to enhance the swag she whipped out the crazy sick Ray bans. 

Reporter: Keira Reay
We made our way through the airport to security where the next challenge awaited. Various people got taken in to security to have their bags checked despite them all strongly protesting they had nothing they shouldn’t have had. This turned out to be wrong, the lady whipped out a large bottle of ball cleaner from Brandon’s bag, despite him being asked whether he had any liquid in it to which he replied “no”. Then it was Emily’s turn where she had to demonstrate how her thumb holes were used to the security guard who had mistaken them for hair curlers.

We soon boarded the plane and due to the early start most of us took this opportunity to sleep but unfortunately there is always that baby in the row in front that persists to cry throughout the journey.  We got off the plane and arrived at Copenhagen airport, thinking all had gone smoothly- we discovered Frankie had been so disorientated after being woken from her sleep on the plane that she succeeded in leaving her jacket behind. Luckily she eventually got it back after we had waited another 20 minutes.

Our train to get to Odense would not arrive for another hour so we used this time spending money on the overpriced food, with £7 for a small burger and £3 for a bottle of Fanta. We finally got on the train where the boys played cards mostly rummy, where everyone won a game other than Alex who unfortunately seems to lack any skill within card games.  We then began our final part within our journey the walk to the hotel where we were greeted by a jolly Irish man who took a strong liking to Brandon and wished us good luck!

We then finally arrived at our luxurious hotel where we were given a few hours to unpack and freshen up before we could then begin to see the sites of Odense. However instead of sensibly unpacking George “The High School Musical Pro” Ackerman spent the whole time sleeping- surprisingly! 

Reporter: Alex Green
After all the unpacking there was no better place to go than McDonalds! Where the girls decided to order happy meals and were shocked to see that Brandon had ordered 20 chicken nuggets, particularly Emily was amazed.   We then did a bit of food shopping for our room and then some strange male felt the need to look at Emily and offer 7 camels for her, we considered the offer, but eventually rejected-to Emily’s relief, refusing to pass over Emily until we got a full pack of cigarettes.

Obviously within around 2 hours of having our McDonalds we were starving again, reservations had been made at the Hong Kong house Chinese buffet. The buffet was nice but the unlimited ice-cream was obviously the best bit, us being athletes and all... welove our ice-cream. We even had a competition on who could make the best looking ice-cream sundae and Terry won, obviously and then Alex ate it.

We arrived back from our lovely meal and having had such a long day travelling we figured it was time to hit the sack.

By Alex and Keira.

Previous EYC2014 news..

EYC2014 International Squad Selected

6 boys and 6 girls will train for the chance to represent England in the European Youth Championships in Denmark 

Junior Team England are pleased to annouce the squad of 6 girls and 6 boys from which the Team England EYC 2014 Denmark Squad will be selected.

Any YBC that wants to challenge the JTE squad should contact Terry Searle

George Ackerman
Aaron Faulconbridge
Alex Green
Sean Hussey
Ben Mellars
Brandon Roberts
Emily Allen
Becky Daly
Joanna Hackett
Francesca Plewis
Keira Reay
Rebecca Spiking
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