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The 2013 European Youth Championships

plus bowling center, Beheimgasse, Vienna

23rd March - 1st April 2013

Twitter: #ECVIENNA

Tournament Website:

Junior Team England at European Youth Championships 2013 - Medals Table
Silver Bronze
 All Events
 Keira Hannah
  Becky, Frankie, Hannah & Keira
Curtis & Hadley
  Hannah & Kiera
Hadley & Keira
4 (5 Indiv.)
 3 (6 Indiv.)
 2 (3 Indiv.)

European Youth Championships 2013 - Medals Table by Country

The Medals Table-Topping Junior Team England Enjoy the End of Tournament Banquet
Sunday 31st - Day 10: The final day of EYC2013 comprised the 4 steps of the Masters, and the banquet.  With Hannah, Keira and Hadley making the All Events top-8, Becky, Brandon and Curtis started the long journey through the steps.  Brandon defeated Martin Oager (DEN) 2 - 0 with 192 & 269 -v- 188 & 214, Curtis unfortunately went out to Juuso Rikkola (FIN) 2 - 0 with 226 & 182 -v- 246 & 233, and Becky defeated Cindy Vakkx (BEL) 2 - 0 with 180 & 217 -v- 169 & 191.

Step 2 saw Brandon defeat Jesper Svensson (SWE) 2 - 0 with 247 & 215 -v- 236 & 195, but sadly Hadley was just defeated by Juuso Rikkola (FIN) 2 - 0 with 177 & 214 -v- the Fins 212 & 216.  Becky played a full 3-game match against Lisa Bjurkland (SWE) before falling 2 -1 with 214, 194 & 189 -v- the Swedes 167, 201 & 196.  Keira and Hannah also had to play 3 game matches, with Keira defeating Sandra Johnsson (SWE) 2 - 1 with 214, 174 & 189 -v- 199, 233 & 153, and Hannah defeating Pernille Nielson (DEN) 2 - 1 with 227, 194 & 213 -v- 203, 240 & 189.

Step 3 saw Brandon defeated by Oyvin Kulseng (NOR) in yet another full-distance 3-game match 2 - 1 with 212, 170 & 214 -v- the Norweigians 203, 227 & 247, and sadly saw the end of the girl's favourites Keira and Hannah who were both defeated 2 - 0, Keira (181 & 190) by Tamara Adler (AUS) (181 & 213) and Hannah (199 & 212) by Annie Thorell (SWE) (209 & 276).

Thank you to the official website, for the PDF files of all the tournament results used in this report.

Girls Masters Boys Masters

Sisters of No Mercy
Saturday 30th - Day 9: A long day ahead as the girls bowled their singles squads, and then the semi- and finals for both boys and girls were completed.

Keira and Hannah were first to play, and Keira took this day to really show the skills that have seen her making news in the domestic game, opening with a decent enough 219, then putting the pedal down further with games of 236, 233, 221, 224 and 226 for a 1,359 pinfall (226.50) to take first place in qualifying. Never far behind, Hannah carded 1,294 and third place in the squad including a 276 game.

Becky and Frankie bowled in squad 2, but struggled with pin-carry to finish the combined squads in 30th and 55th respectively with pinfalls of 1,111 and 1,009.  Becky did find brief respite with a 235 game however.

In the semi-finals, Hadley defeated Puntus Andersson (SWE) 236 -212 and met Oyving Kulsen in the finals, who he defeated with a blistering 254 game against 197 to take the boys singles gold.  For the girls, Keira defeated Lisa Bjorklund (SWE) 201 - 168 and Hannah defeated Maria Bulanova (RUS) 231 - 173.  Hannah and Keira shared a very friendly finals match which Keira took 231 to 198 for the girls singles gold, and Hannah the girls singles silver.  As the final All Events discipline, the singles medals also awarded the girls all events gold to Keira, and girls all events silver to Hannah.

The final Masters qualifiers were the top-24 of the All Events, meaning for the boys Hadley, Curtis and Brandon and for the girls Keira, Hannah and Becky would go on to compete in the Masters on Easter Sunday.

Girls Singles Girls All Events Boys Singles Boys All Events
Girls Semi-finals Girls Finals  Boys Semi-finals Boys Finals

  Brotherhood of Singles
Friday 29th - Day 8: The boys singles were bowled over two squads today, with Brandon and George playing in squad 1, and Curtid and Hadley in squad 2.  Brandon, who had suffered illness overnigh had a wonderful set including games of 225, 249 and 200 for a 1,230 total pinfall, which placed him 12th.  George was not far behind, 13th in fact, with a total pinfall of 1,208 including games of 207, 217 and 242. 

In squad 2, Curtis carded a fine 1,245 pinfall with games of 203, 201, 214, 181, 234 and 212 to finish in the combined two-squad table in 14th place.  Hadley was in fighting mood after also suffering from illness overnight, and took the combined squads second place with 203, 257, 258, 214, 215 and 182, just 7 pins behind leader Bergendorff of Denmark.

With the squad scores combined, Hadley was second, Curtis 14th, Brandon 24th and George 28th.  The effects on the final All Events table was Hadley took the boys all events bronze, with Curtis and Brandon also making the top-24 Masters cut.  George finished 29th, only 19 pins from the cut.

Team Silver with Manager Terry Searle

Thursday 28th - Day 7: If the reports and pictures from Team Manager Terry Searle are to be believed, the England girls attribute their amazing Team block 1 performance, and those before, to Austrian cake.  If the way to a girls release is through cake, then they must have had extra this morning as they powered out from the starting line in Block 2 with games of 851, 943 and 841 to lead the team table after block 2.  The three-game total of 2,635 made 5,163 pins in total for the combined, and earned them THREE new EUROPEAN RECORDS of high game (943), high three game series (2,635) and high six game series (5,163) which was higher than the leading Swedish boys on 5,114.  After heading the two blocks, and defeating the Russians in the semi-finals 907-885 (in which Hannah and Frankie bowled games of 240 and 249 respectively) the girls were themselves defeated by Sweden in the finals 824-868 to take team silver.  Keira powered out a 270 game in the final. 

In the boys second block, the boys did not want to be beaten by the girls (but only as friendly rivalry of course) and made their mark opening with 948 - a pair of 247 games from Curtis and George and a 269 from Hadley underpinned by Brandon on 194.  Unfortunately the lanes provided troublesome and games of 774 and 778 followed as the boye struggled to reach par.  Despite the pressure of that 5th place position the boys did manage to keep their place with a fine performance, finishing the teams on 4,957.

The team event saw all of the England girls in the top-24 All Events for the Masters, with Hannah, Keira and Becky taking 1-2-3 respectively, and Frankie's great 249 in the team semi's helping her to take that 24th place.  For the boys, Hadley is 5th, Curtis 17th, Brandon 24th and George 29th.

Girls Team Girls All Events Boys Team Boys All Events
Girls Semi-finals Girls Finals  Boys Semi-finals  Boys Finals

Big Push Planned for Today

Wednesday 27th - Day 6: The team event is being played over two days, Wednesday and Thursday.  Each block comprises 3 games.  The boys opened with a great 853 game, that only Norway (903) and the Czech Republic (879) could better. With following games of 804 and 800, they would finish the first block in 5th position, and are in a great position to climb into medals in block 2 on Thursday.  Brandon too England's high series with 643.

teamgirls.jpg Sitting Pretty, but not complacent

The girls also started strongly with a 774 game, and then followed this with two fantastic games of 877 and 877 to take the first place in block 1 on 2,528.  Becky was high series for England with 647. With the lessons of block 1 behind them England's girls are planning to be set the standard today.

After the first team block, Hadley sits in 8th place in the Boys All Events, with Curtis in 19th, Brandon in 26th and George in 35th.  Top-24 go through to the Masters, and all of the boys are strong contenders.  For the girls, Becky sits in second place behind Denmark's Pernille Rasmussen, and she is joined closely by Hannah in 4th and Keira in 5th.  Frankie is 30th, and with a good block today may also make the top-24 as well.  Lots to play for today!

Bronze in Doubles for Hannah and Keira
Tuesday 26th - Day 6: Hannah and Keira opened England's girls doubles this morning, opening on the fresh oil with games of 190 and 194 respectively before taking-off adding games of 209, 266, 204, 226, 249, 234 and 226 for a doubles total 2,536 and taking second place in the squad to Denmark.  Hannah had a series of 1,297 (216.1) and Keira 1,239 (206.5).  The girls also finished second overall.

In squad 2, Becky and Frankie made early headway with scores of 389 and 471 putting them comfortably in reckoning, but with games of 203 and 215 after they finished in 5th place in the squad with 2,357.  Becky rolled 1,261 (210.1) and Frankie 1,096 (182.6).  Becky and Frankie finished in 10th overall.

In the semi-finals, England met a strong Russian team, and with little fortune going their way worked hard at the lanes but the Russians pipped them 443 to 429.  England took the bronze, and the Russians fell heavily to a confident Denmark to take Silver, the Danes Gold.

In the boys semi-finals, Curtis and Hadley comfortably defeated Sweden 480 to 347 to set up a finals match with Italy, who had just defeated the French with a hefty 508 to 369.  After a hard-fought, tense and  vocal finals, Curtis eased the pressure as he headed for a 268, and Hadley responded with 4 strikes in the later frames and the boys secured the Gold medal from the Ialians 494 to 464.

In the All Events, Hannah's 1,297 pins places her in third place, Becky is in sixth, Keira in tenth and Frankie is 38th.  Frankie is only  51 pins from the top-24 cut to the Masters, so all of the girls are in a good position as we move the team events on Wednesday.

Girls Doubles Girls Semi-finals Girls Finals  Girls All Events

Curtis and Hadley Took Gold in Doubles Final

Monday 25th - Day 5: England secured their first medal on the 2013 European Youth Championships in Vienna when Curtis Hooper and Hadley Morgan (left) finished in 3rd place after qualification in the Boys Doubles.  The finals and ceremony are on Tuesday 26th March after the Girsl Doubles.

Hadley bowled a 6-game series of 1,366 (227.6) with games of 237, 289, 236 and 207 and Curtis bowled games of 222, 226 and 220 for his 1,234 (205.6) series for a combined doubles score of 2,600 (216.6) and third place.

Sweden's Jesper Svensson and Filip Wilhelmsson took second place with 2,653 and France's Gaetan Mouveroux and Mike Bartaire took first with 2,690.

Earlier in squad 1, George Ackerman and Brandon Roberts finished in 9th place with series of 1,179 and 1,183 respectively for a doubles 2,362 - which placed them in 19th overall.  George bowled games of 234, 236 and 216 for his set whilst Brandon bowled games of 196, 197 and 195 in his.

The first sight of the All Events table has Hadley in third, Curtis in 20th, Brandon 38th and George 39th.

Boys Doubles Boys Semi-finals  Boys Finals   Boys All Events

Junior Team England with Billy and Betsy!

Junior Team England are participating in the prestigious European Youth Championships in Vienna, between March 23rd to April 1st 2013.  England join 27 other nations from the hosts Austria to the Ukraine to win these coveted European Bowling Tour medals, in singles, doubles, team and Masters.



Saturday 23.03.2013
00.00  Last Day of arrivals

Sunday 24.03.2013
9.00   Teammanager Meeting
11.00  Official Practice Squad 1
13.30  Official Practice Squad 2
16.00  Official Practice Squad 3
18.30  Opening Ceremony

Monday 25.03.2013

9.00   Boys Doubles Squad 1
13.15  Boys Doubles Squad 2

Tuesday 26.03.2013
9.00   Girls Doubles Squad 1
13.15  Girls Doubles Squad 2
17.30  Girls & Boys Doubles Semi Finals
18.15  Girls & Boys Doubles Finals
19.00  Medal Ceremonies Doubles

Wednesday 27.03.2013
9.00   Boys Team Block 1
13.15  Girls Team Block 1


Thursday 28.03.2013
9.00   Girls Team Block 2
13.15  Boys Team Block 2
17.30  Girls & Boys Team Semi Finals
18.45  Girls & Boys Team Finals
20.00  Medal Ceremonies Team

Friday 29.03.2013
9.00   Boys Singles Squad 1
13.15  Boys Singles Squad 2

Saturday 30.03.2013
9.00   Girls Singles Squad 1
13.15  Girls Singles Squad 2
17.30  Girls & Boys Single Semi Finals
18.30  Girls & Boys Single Finals

Sunday 31.03.2013
9.00   Girls & Boys Masters Step 1
10.00  Girls & Boys Masters Step 2
12.00  Girls & Boys Masters Step 3
13.00  Girls & Boys Masters Step 4
15.00  Girls Masters Step 5
16.00  Boys Masters Step 5
17.00  Medal Ceremonies Girls & Boys Masters
20.00  Banquet

Monday 01.04.2013

The Squad

   The Girls
 Rebecca Daley.jpg  Hannah Frost.jpg  Franchesca Plewis.jpg  Keira Reay.jpg

Rebecca Daley

Hannah Frost

Franchesca Plewis

Keira Reay

   The Boys
 George Ackerman.jpg  Curtis Hooper.jpg  Hadley Morgan.jpg  Brandon Roberts.jpg
George Ackerman
Curtis Hooper
Hadley Morgan
Brandon Roberts


 Joining the Junior Team England bowlers are Team Manager Terry Searle, Head Coach Keith Bringloe and Head of Delegation, Patricia White.


Team Blog

Day 1 (21/03/2013) - Arrival

day1_dinner.jpgBilly and Betsy were packed by Hadley and George with the rest of the bowling balls at airport bowl on the 10th of March. Since then they have been on an epic journey across Europe. DHL first took them to Germany before finally arriving in Vienna yesterday. This is the first trip the love birds have ever made together alone even though Billy is older than all of us! Not only this this but they were also joined by a third member…the special Vienna doll. We understand that they were upset to be in the cage on their own however we thank them for looking after the equipment.

We all met at 08:00 at terminal 3, Heathrow airport. There were a lot of tired faces but Curtis was definitely the most out of it due to him being up all night on the coach to the airport. Check in went smoothly (apart from Becky and George going through the X-ray machine and Hadley’s bag being swabbed although unfortunately the investigations didn’t go any further…much to our disappointment.) After this we were left to our own devices for a while so the boys went to get something to eat and the girls went to buy some headphones and then went to get something to eat as well!

The flight was not smooth with a few “lumps and bumps” here and there as described by the captain, but all was ok!! Hadley completed a couple of maths problems from the newspaper, Keira watched a video on her iPad and others got some well needed sleep. Terry kindly introduced Hadley to Ernie – the fasted milkman in the west (who had a horse called Trigger). Curtis gave a detailed running commentary on the flight and quality of piloting and felt that the landing was extremely good under the weather conditions. He was so impressed that he complimented the pilots when departing the aircraft.

To finish the day, we went to an Italian not far from our hotel for a meal. With a slight language barrier, ordering was definitely an experience! With just one look at Terry, the waitress offered him George on toast with a barrel of beer. Everyone was so full after main course that we all passed on the offer of dessert… UNHEARD OF!!!

Day 2 (22/03/2013) - Unofficial Practice

day2a.jpgThe day started with a nice late breakfast at 9.00am, this was the first time we all had breakfast together and again the boys sat on the only table that wasn’t set up for breakfast – great start! We had a mixture of all the foods to try and work out what we liked best, the strawberry yoghurt and pancakes went down well. However, the tea and coffee might take a bit of getting used to – Keira wasn’t impressed! After breakfast we had a little while to get ready for the day and decided that Becky and Brandon will be in charge of the wardrobe and what we wear each day. We then took a nice leisurely stroll down to the bowl for practice

Practice went really well, everyone found the lanes alright. We started by getting used to the lanes and the environment – it was so hot! we then played 3 games, throwing a certain ball for 5 frames and then changing so we were able to see what worked and what didn’t, we then changed surface on a few of our balls so they were actually usable. During our practice we got to meet Thomas’ dog, a little pug that we named Terence, it never really responded to Terence only when we had food. After practice we had lunch at the bowl, portions were huge but very nice. After lunch we packed our equipment away and stacked it neatly in the ball park and headed to the spar for more food.

We went to the spar shop next to the bowl looking to buy food, most of us bought sweets and chocolate to eat back in the rooms, we got changed and went to Lidl which is next door to buy water for the rooms and our bottles for at the bowl, but we got back and found out that the 18 bottles we bought were sparkling instead of still. When we got back we had time to ourselves before we left for dinner - the girls watched Coach Carter in the room and the boys had a team nap. We met up in reception at 6pm and walked to the restaurant.

Hadley and his TractorFor dinner we went to a Viennese restaurant (that Hadley thought was a Vietnamese restaurant, despite the fact there was a tractor for him to feel at home on in the yard) to try the local cuisine but all of us went for the most English thing on the menu - chicken and chips. During the meal we spoke about everybody’s favourite movies this lasted until the meal came out and we discovered that Terry is terrified of scary movies! Between courses, Hadley asked where the toilets where and got instructions from the waiter, after he came back we found out that he had gone completely the wrong way, ignored the waiter and ended up in the kitchen. The girls decided to go for a team toilet run and on the way back Keira fell up the stairs, we all thought she was trying to get through the cat flap! We ordered desserts of pancakes and chocolate cake, which were amazing!

This meal topped off a really good day!

Editor’s note: as can be seen from this report this outing has very little to do with bowling, but more like the first round in Masterchef, but when it comes to the event their tanks will be full of energy!!

Day 3 (23/03/2013) - The Zoo

Today's episode has stepped up from Masterchef meets Animal Park!

Today was a day away from bowling well spent at the zoo! The zoo is located next to Schonbrunn Palace which will be familiar to those of you who have been here for the World Sports Festival.

After a steady walk around the Easter market and bus ride, we arrived. The Easter market consisted of sales of many eggs which struck up lots conversation regarding ‘Cool Runnings’ and Sanka kissing his lucky egg!

              Eggy boys                              Eggy girls

As soon as we got to the zoo we were immediately treated to some strange animal activities. A lioness just had a number two and the male lion had a quick whiff of it, then a quick lick, and we were all shouting “no, no don’t do it”! It was such a relief when he didn’t eat it!  

              Lioness number two                             Who's the Daddy!

We walked for another hour before retiring for some lunch in a restaurant. Chicken and schnitzel were the popular choices amongst the bowlers; whilst Terry had the pasta and Keith opted for fish (it... still had its head!). Dessert was equally spread between chocolate cake -Sachertorte (some with custard) and apple strudel.

                                           Lunch at the zoo

 The highlight of the afternoon was an orang-utan and Keira falling in love (sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!). Through the glass, the orang-utan mirrored Keira’s hand movements before going in for a kiss. When the time came to leave she was most upset. Keira wasn’t too happy either. Almost every animal resembled George in some way or another. And we even saw compare the meerkat, which looked like Brandon.

Keira finds love at the ZooCompare the Brandon.comAt last, Team England are trappedKeira and her new found family
A lot of action happened in the bird house as well. The bowlers came away unscathed, however Terry got a bit wet from one of the birds having a wee. I think we saw just about every animal under the sun!!

The long walk around the zoo lead to the boys having yet another team nap (this time it involved dribbling) and Terry came to join us…as you may have seen on Faceache. Shortly after a rude awakening Hadley had a bit of an explosion with the shower and required team tactics in order to quickly save minor tsunami.

Dinner included a choice of chicken (Roast, Fried, breadcrumb, flattened, and any other way you can thi and fish (because we were told that the hotdogs were asleep) with sides of chips and rice. We finished with Milka chocolate ring doughnuts which went down well.

Day 4 (24/03/2013) - Official Practice, nearly time!

Breakfast was an early one today, we went down for 8 but still we were too late for us all to sit together as one big team. The girls had the same as usual, coffee is still too strong and pancakes are still cold; but the yoghurt and cheese sandwiches are a winner.

After breakfast we had some time to ourselves to get ready for official practice; we got the shuttle bus to the bowl, which was lucky because it had started snowing. We had to wait for more teams to get on and the bus driver set off for the bowl. His driving was amazing.

day4_1.jpgWhen we arrived at the bowl we met Terry and Pat who had the managers meeting previously – It is Terry’s birthday today so the whole team sung happy birthday and made him all embarrassed! We talked about the pattern and what the aim of official practice was. After this we got our equipment out of the ball park and went to the first set of lanes (17-20) and warmed up by playing ‘Ninja’. When practice began we all found lines relatively quickly and relaxed more into the atmosphere of the bowl and bowling itself; we did not have long on a pair of lanes, every 11 and a half minutes we would move 4 lanes to the right so we could play the whole centre in the time available. We found that the lanes did not dry out as much as expected and our lines were quite consistent throughout practice (an hour and a half).

After practice we put all our equipment back and met again for a team trip to McDonalds for lunch, the weather was FREEZING, it was still snowing and really windy – this did not make a happy girls team as we only had our tracksuit on and Frankie had stupid shoes so got chilly toes.

McDonalds was odd experience – we all had a normal burger, not chicken for a change! The person behind the counter came and found us after our meal and gave us some chewing gum; don’t know if he was trying to say something…

We walked back to the bowl, again freezing, and watched a few countries from the second squad of practice – afterwards we got back on the bus to the hotel and had a few hours to ourselves before the opening ceremony. Most of us had a little sleep, Keira decided that she would liven the afternoon up by doing the worm down the corridor on carpet – this seemed like a good idea until she got carpet burn and acted like a child when we tried to help. Keith had to get the baby plasters out to patch her up. What a numpty.

The opening ceremony was pretty standard, reasonably short although Hannah still managed to get really thirsty and had to sneak water onto the lane. After the ceremony we got straight onto the bus and back to the hotel, from here we got changed and layered up for the walk to the shop for dinner. Some of us shared a pizza that had a ridiculous amount of chillies on it (editor: this was due to Hadley trying to order toppings of Chicken, pepperoni, and sweet corn, by talking loud, doing an impression of a chicken and asking for pepperoni slowly and we think the guy in the shop thought he said Pepper only, either that or he thought he would teach him a lesson for talking to him like he was stupid) and others had meat in pitta. We got back from dinner at about 8pm and went back to our rooms for some quality time with the team, watching curling and handball on T.V

Overall was absolutely freezing but we are still having a great time and looking forward to the rest of the week. Good luck to the boys for their doubles tomorrow.

Day 5 (25/03/2013) - Boys Doubles

The girls had to be down at breakfast for the usual time of 8, breakfast consisted of the typical food; pancakes, yoghurt and cake. After breakfast we had time to get ready and wrapped up to head for the bowl. When we arrived at the bowl the first doubles squad had just finished practice, we stood around to support Brandon and George for their first 3 games. When they had finished their third game we headed out of the bowl with our parents for the day. We ended up heading towards the city centre to have a wonder round. The girls adventured around the city looking for hats and earmuffs. Once we had bought our hats and earmuffs we found a pub to eat in which was delicious. After eating we headed back to the bowl to support Hadley and Curtis in their last game.

curtishadleydblsgold.jpgToday was a day that the boys had all been looking forward to – the start of the tournament. It had been settled yesterday that Brandon and George would bowl the early squad and Curtis and Hadley would get a lie in and bowl the afternoon squad.

Here’s Brandon and George’s reflection on their squad. We started off the practice using a variation of bowling balls seeing what matches up nicely and has a nice roll to the pocket. Brandon had a good look in practice using his hy-road but George didn’t match up as well at the start but near the end of practice he created some area for himself. After the music stopped the nerves then kicked in and made us realise how intense the event is. We came out of the gates with Brandon having a 196 and George with a big game of 234, feeling confident and comfortable with our lines we had chosen. We sat on top for the first three games with Brandon having a steady 588 and George with a huge 696 to help them.

The back three games unfortunately went not as plan. The lanes transitioned quickly and we didn’t catch them at the right times, we also weren’t throwing it as great as in the first three games and not getting our shots off. The scores lowered and were enough to let other teams catch up and overtake them putting them second with one game remaining. The last game started off well with Brandon starting off with a turkey and George with a double. It looked promising but then things took a turn for the worst, catching bad breaks and not throwing the ball like we usually do. Before we could do anything the game was over and we had lost a lot of pins and let a lot of teams in. Brandon and George finished 19th out of 50 teams.

As for Curtis and Hadley, we got off to a slow start. Curtis simply couldn’t find my line from practise yesterday but managed to get out with 187. The nerves then really started to set in but by the end of game 2, which was 188, Curtis was much more comfortably matched up. Hadley also had a slow start with a 191, but a second game of 247 kept us in it. In game 3 Curtis finally had a decent game of 222 and Hadley kept ticking over with 191, 413 total. We then had a short meeting with Keith. The top 4 was still in reach but we were one big game away from it and we knew we could still do it. Game 4 was when it happened. Curtis bowled 226 and Hadley had a huge 289. All of a sudden we were back in the game and up to 2nd place with 2 games to go.

Hadley will take you through them.

Game 5 was another where we both had good games for a 456 total. The pressure now set in for the last game as we were so close to a medal. Curtis really struggled with carry, hitting the pocket in each of the first 7 frames and getting nine on six occasions. It was the same story for Hadley, no matter how we adjusted we could not catch a double and between them and had a total of nine 9 / Spare frames between us. However, when Curtis converted the 4,7,10 split in the 8th frame the whole game changed. Hadley managed to get a vital double and going into the 10th frame we were almost there. Thanks to a couple of brooklyns, Curtis filled it with 3 strikes! Hadley began the tenth with a Strike (was a bit high) and this meant that we had pretty much shut out Germans who would’ve had to have had 500 to beat us. Hadley finished the frame with 9/ leaving the 8 pin.

Then Back to the hotel on the coach and await the finals tomorrow eve. 

Day 6 (26/03/2013) - Girls Doubles, and all doubles finals

Today was the start of the girls’ competition, Hannah and Keira had the first squad for the doubles followed by Becky and Frankie in the afternoon. We knew that this was going to be the most nervous we had been so far, but maybe not as tiring as it turned out to be…

Keira and Hannah started the first squad with a lot of nerves and this reflected in the scores as this was our lowest game through the set with 384. As the set went on the scores got better as we both settled in to bowling and found it easier to find a line and keep it. In game four Hannah struggled to carry, but Keira covered this with a massive 266, which put us back into contention – lying second we carried this into the last 2 games and kept up the high scores. Keira finished the squad with 1239 and Hannah with 1297; this put us second in qualifying 100 pins behind Denmark.

Becky and Frankie bowled the second squad, Becky finishing with 1261. Frankie’s hannahkeiradblsbrnz.jpgnerves showed but towards the end found the shot and picked it up and finished with 1096. Frankie was nervous, her shoulders were tight and could feel the pressure, but she soon warmed up to the atmosphere and found her shot but was struggling to carry. Becky started off great and didn’t seem to be nervous what so ever, however in the middle of the set Becky seemed to tighten up and started to pull her shots, once she had relaxed again the scores started to improve again. We looked promising to make the top 4 but as we started the second 3 games we started to drop slightly when we needed to have a few big games, the England supporters were cheering even louder to keep us going. Frankie seem to find her shot in the last game and both girls finished with 200 plus. Unfortunately we didn’t make the top 4 but was a respectable performance and now they know what they have to do for the upcoming events.

Finals, in the semi-finals we had a hard fought and close game with the Russian girls pairing, that we lost, emotions were high and it took a while to realise that we had not lost but been one of the few teams to get a medal, so we had to settle for bronze

Boys finals

Hadley and Curtis continued their high standards by beating the Swedish in the semi-finals, then proceeded to fight it out with the Italians in the finals

All score are available on the NAYBC web site 

Day One Medal tally

Boys double’s Gold

Girls double’s Bronze

Day 7 (27/03/2013) - Teams Block 1

teamboys.jpgToday, both teams had their first block of team.  The boys played this morning, starting at 09:00 which meant a 06:00 alarm!!  And the girls started at 13:15.

Boys began on lane 24 and had a good look in practice.  It took a few frames for us to relax into the game as a team but carry appeared to be a bit of an issue.  A lot of spares were converted and we started with 853 which we were satisfied with. Game 2 was more of an issue but we managed to come out of it with 804. Once again our sparing was great but unfortunately we were not stringing the strikes together to get a big game. This was the same story for game 3 as we bowled 800. At the end of the day we are 5th, about 70 pins off of the all-important 4th place. We are all confident about a better performance tomorrow and are aware of adjustments that need to be made.

The girls on the other hand blitzed the day’s session finishing in first place with 2528, leading by 5 pins to the German’s. Well done to the girls.

Day 8 (28/03/2013) - Teams Block 1

teamgirls.jpgThe girls had to wake up early again for the morning squad, after the previous day we were all up for it. After breakfast we came back up to our rooms to get ready for the bus, we got a call from Terry telling us that the bus was about to set off without us, all the girls panicked and ran downstairs to make sure we were on it before it set off, luckily we got there in time, not only did we get there in time but the bus didn’t set off for another 5 minutes so we ran for nothing, on the bright side it was a decent warm up.

We arrived at the bowl with plenty of time before we started so once we got our equipment out we did the okey cokey and everyone was watching (Question : what if the Oakey Cokey is what it is all really about), we were all pretty nervous before the first game but we quickly settled in to it and bowled pretty well to say it was the first game as that is usually our worst game, we moved lanes for the second game and had a massive 943! And beat the 1 game record and over took Germany, 100 pins ahead. The big game did not faze us and we went out to bowl even better in the final game against Germany, not even knowing we beat the 1 game record. Half way through the final game Terry told us we needed 850 to beat the 3 game record, we had no idea who that was set by but we set out to beat it and it spurred us on to do better, it all came down to the final frames to whether or not we would beat this record, we all closed our final frames and hoped that 840 was enough to scrape the record. Terry then informed us that we beat the 1 game record, the 3 game record which was previously set by us again from the previous day and also the 6 game record, it couldn’t have gone any better! We were feeling so good about the finals.

In our semi-final we faced Russia again and we were definitely not about to let them beat us twice. There were a lot of nerves in the team as we felt the pressure. We were leading the game from the start but only by a few pins the whole way, we had a few open frames which were very costly and put us just behind the Russians and they seemed to be striking for fun, we had a team talk and knew we had a big frame coming up, it was all down to the final frame and we knew that if the final Russian got a strike we were in trouble, she didn’t and only ended up with 8 but we still needed a closed frame to make sure we won the game, and we got a strike, everyone cheering knowing we had just won the game no matter what happened in the next shot, there was a few tears in people eyes as the fight was over and we had won the semi-final against the Russians and felt so good and relived! We calmed ourselves down and got prepared for the final with a team talk, this consisted of us talking about the open frames and we were all going to make sure that it didn’t happen again because they were very costly!

We played the final against Sweden which we all knew was a very good and consistent team and we knew we were going to have to step it up again if we were about to take this gold medal, we got off to a shaky start with some open frames and not a lot of strikes, the Swedish closed all frames with plenty of strikes and before we knew it we were a lot behind them and trying to catch up, this went on for the rest of the game and they lead the match all the way to the end, we couldn’t have done much more about it, we tried our best, we were still able to win in the last few frames but it meant the Swedish had to open a couple of theirs and they didn’t, we lost fair and square we all said we lost to a great team and that a silver medal was still very respectable, there was obviously tears after fighting so hard for it but after a while the tears were wiped away and we were happy with what we had down, all the records and a silver medal in the team was more than enough to make us a happy team!

Currently the All events for the girls show English girls in first, second and third place, come on the singles on Saturday

Day 9 (29/03/2013) - Boys Singles Both Squads

Question and answer with the Boys.

Hadley Morgan.jpgHadley

Did you have a target for the singles?

As always, bowl one shot at a time and build a score rather than aim for a total.

How did you feel after 3 games?

My set was 718. I was pleased with this as an all events medal was closer.

Talk about your last game.

This was the game that could win me 2 more medals. It didn’t get off to a great start as I simply was not throwing the ball well. Rather than change ball I moved back to my original set up and managed to get some strikes going and finished with 182.


I was really happy to qualify for the singles finals in 2nd and I’m ready to play Pontus. Also as I was 102 pins away from 3rd place in the all events before the singles I was very happy to finish in 3rd.

How has this EYC been for you?

Better than my last one because i knew the standard that was required. I also was much better prepared this year and knew what to expect.

Brandon Roberts.jpgBrandon

Did you have a target for the singles?

To deliver the ball properly and to be 80 over.

How did you feel half way through?

Really good. My first set was 674 and I was well on target for what I expected. However my scores got lower and I got frustrated. Consequently I started bowling too fast as my feet got quicker. The last game was 157 which was a result of frustration. I wasn’t making good shots and didn’t see the transition quick enough. I should have adjusted earlier.

What is your reflection on the squad?

Overall I was disappointed with my singles score but I was happy to qualify for the masters. I got worried about not making it so I was relieved when I heard the news!

What have you thought of your first EYC?

It has been a great experience and has really enjoyed bowling here.

George Ackerman.jpgGeorge

What were your goals for the singles?

I just wanted to be over for the set and the tournament. I wanted to trust the shot and deliver the ball well.

How did you feel halfway through?

I wasn’t happy with my total and I needed to trust the shot again. My series was 560 so I decided to change ball.

I didn’t convert enough spares throughout the whole tournament really so I ended up missing the masters by 19 pins.

How was your first EYC?

Good. I learnt a lot of lessons, one of which is the importance of making spares.

Curtis Hooper.jpgCurtis

What were your targets for the singles?

To secure my place in the masters. If I got off to a good start then a medal in the singles would have become a possibility.

How did you feel half way through?

My set was 618 so I was satisfied. A medal was a long way off but the masters was fine.

How was your last 3 games?

I didn’t handle the transition well and game 4 was 181. I did however make a good ball change at the start of game 5 and I finished the block 45 over. I wish I had made the change in game 4!

How was your first EYC?

Brilliant! I’ve met some great people. I have a lot more self-belief in my bowling now I have won a gold medal and I know that I can compete with the best in Europe.

Singles and all events

The next report will cover the successful day that was had by team England on the Saturday

Boys Singles champion: Hadley Morgan

Bronze All Events: Hadley Morgan

Girls singles champion: Keira Reay

Runner up: Hannah Frost

All events champion: Keira Reay

Runner Up: Hannah Frost

Day 10 ( 30/03/2013) - Girls Singles and Both Singles Semi- and Finals

hannahkeirasingles.jpgHannah and Keira were in the first squad, when they were warming up in practice Keira’s shoe heel had broken the stickiness had gone from her shoe which was flying off in the practice, so Keira was ending up face first on the approach a few times. John Keira’s dad had to run back to the hotel to get Keira’s spare shoes but the time he had got back we had solved the problem by getting a new heel so John was not too impressed when we had returned dripping wet with sweat with the shoes when we didn’t need them in the end. Keira and Hannah started off ok but got better as the games went on and had some really big games, which secured their position in the semi-finals, Keira finished first with 1359 and Hannah 1294.frankiebeckysingles.jpg

Frankie and Becky bowled the second squad, we didn’t start to well, we were both struggling to hit our targets, after the second game we knew we didn’t have a chance at the singles because we bowled such low games so we focused on making the masters instead. Becky started to find her line and was stringing strikes together but Frankie could still not carry, I have never seen so many ten pins in all my life!!!!!! The ball was skidding through or breaking too early, she didn’t have the equipment she needed and was not much she could do. Both girls were so unlucky with splits and single pins, but some spares they were carless about which we should have got. Frankie was unfortunate and missed the cut to make the masters but Becky made the masters only dropping a few places.

That night Brandon and Hadley had been sick from the meal that night, so Hadley went back to the hotel to sleep the bug off while Brandon was feeling better. Hadley showed up later not looking his best still pale and feeling very ill. But he was still up for beating the Swedish!

gongs.jpgFor the semi-finals Keira was playing Sweden, Hannah was playing Russia and Hadley was playing Sweden. Keira started well closing frames and stringing the strikes together, she kept the Swedish off her tail and won her match with plenty of pins to spare. Hannah was the same kept the frames closed and then had a few strikes in a row and the Russian couldn’t catch up. With Hadley’s match it was more closer both of them was matching each other but soon Hadley got the strikes together and got ahead and kept the Swedish off. So in the finals it was Keira and Hannah playing each other for the gold and Hadley was playing Norway. It was great having two English playing for the gold and silver so we didn’t mind who won. It was great to watch which seemed to be a relaxed match, It was close to start off with but Keira started stringing the strikes together and Hannah was struggling to carry and therefore Keira had a fair lead and Hannah had to start striking if she was going to catch Keira but she couldn’t and Keira won by 14 pins. Hadley’s match in the final was going to be a tough one to win. Hadley got off to a good start in the final whereas the person who Hadley was playing against didn’t get off to a great start because he couldn’t carry. In the end Hadley had a good lead and the Norwegian could not catch him. Hadley won the gold medal scoring a 254 and claiming his second gold medal of the European Youth Championships to go well with a bronze in the all events. 


Messages From Home "The very best of luck to our wonderfully talented Junior Team England, Billy, Betsy and the delegation.  Have an amazing time, bowl well!"

Raymond Teece: "I would like to wish the very best of luck to all of our juniors representing England at the EYC 2013 in Vienna! Do what you all know how to do, stay in the moment and above all, have fun! Bowl good everyone!!

ood luck to junior Team England at the EYC in Vienna....bowl good and bring home those medals

Steve Thornton: "Good luck to all of you playing EYC 2013 in Vienna!! Enjoy yourselves kick some ass hehe."

Can't believe it's 10 years since I went to EYC. Good Luck to Junior Team England in Vienna for the European Championships

Lisa John: "Good luck to Junior Team England at the EYC in Vienna. Have a great time, bowl good and enjoy every moment! "

Fiona Banks: Good luck Junior team England out in Vienna,hope you have a great trip and bring back some medals. Come on England!!

Ben Howison_Johnson: 1 year ago i was at European Youth Championships with 3 amazing team mates. I truly believe we could of smashed it, however we never reached our potential. Big shout out to the boys and girls representing England at EYC 2013, I wish you all the best of luck and maybe this can be the year the boys tear it up. Good luck to all my European friends i hope to see you over summer!

Hayley White: Good Luck to all of Junior Team England for the EYC 2013 in Vienna! Make some unforgettable memories, have fun and do what you're all great at!

Katrina Maciver: Good luck to all the team playing EYC 2013! Have fun, bowl well and enjoy every moment of it!

Matt Miller: Good luck Team England, you have prepared well and trained hard! I've never seen such a great TEAM for a number of years! Enjoy one of the best tournaments in the World and win some medals! Good luck from all at the London pro shop!!

Verity Crawley: It's an amazing experience, go out there and do what you love to do! .

The Centre

Taken from the official website:  This 32 lane center is best known to most European bowlers as host of the “Vienna Open” since 2002. The bowling has Brunswick A2 machines, with Active Synthetic lanes and

approaches, in combination with AMF Scoring System. For the EYC 2013 Plus Bowling will use set of Strike Maker Twister pins.

The center has one floor with a total space of approximately 2000 square meters recreational area. This includes a restaurant that is located within the bowling center where you can enjoy good food at reasonable prices. Free Wi-Fi will be available. All public areas in Austria are submitted to a ban on smoking, so smoking will not be allowed inside the bowling center

Upon arrival all participating federations will receive more information about the different areas in the bowling center and what they are used for. The bowling has a pro shop available for all your needs. Accessories, new equipment or surface changes, The BowlingStore has it all. The pro shop will be open throughout the entire tournament.

The Plus Bowlingcenter has a great staff, and they will do their utmost for you to make it a great event. Besides that the organization has proved in previous tournaments to be supported by an enthusiastic and hard working group of volunteers who have the hands-on mentality that guarantees a great tournament.

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