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Brandon Roberts

JTE Squad member 2012

Won Nationals, broke 3 National records

10 Triple Crown medals

Won U16 Masters at Triple Crown

Won NAYBC Masters 2012


Team England Training - January 2013
Brandon wrote about the first JTE training session held at the Academy in January 2013.  Brandon gets a lot out of his training both technically, and very importantly, socially.  Enjoy his account below:
On the Saturday we started off by doing the drills that we had to practice for homework from the last training session, which were the modified foul line drill, modified last two step drill, modified ball swing drill and the lateral spine tilt drill. We did roughly 15 minutes on each drill. Once we finished our drills we went into the classroom for a talk about hydration and the types of drinks that you should be drinking before, during and after a tournament. We focused on during because we had already bowled at that point and then Terry showed us how to make the drinks and filled our bottles up with that specific drink.

After the talk and the making of the drinks we started a game of boys vs girls. I was given the captaincy of the boys to make sure that after every frame we all had a sip of the drink and Hannah was given the captaincy of the girls to make sure that they had a sip after every frame to see the effect of the drink, if it keeps our energy levels up to repeat each good shot. It did help us because we all felt like we had the right amount of energy throughout the game and eventually the girls won…

We went back into the classroom for a talk from Brunswick Team England's Lisa John and Hayley Rumkee. They spoke to us about when they went to the World Championships and their time out there. They mainly spoke to us about the pressure that you feel over there and how it is completely different to any tournament that you will do. They told us the best ways to handle the pressure and the right things to think out there when you are on and off the lanes so you don’t perform bad. It was a talk that helped us all and will help us with any tournament that we go to so we know even more how to deal with pressure. At the end of the talk we decided the food we would have at the hotel on the night. We then played one more game of boys vs girls, put the bowling balls upstairs and headed to the hotel.

At the table we did a Secret Santa where there was a lot of sweets and some interesting presents…there were laughs and jokes at the table which is usual and the food was amazing. After the food we went back to our rooms and us boys watched the football and the girls did whatever girls do when they’re together…

On the Sunday we got up at half 7, went for some breakfast, checked out and headed straight back to the bowl where we had a quick talk in the classroom about what we were going to do for the first bit of the Sunday which was the same drills we did on the Saturday, for the same period of time.

The main focus of the session on the Sunday was how to handle your opponents in the right manner. So we had a talk in the classroom and Terry and Keith told us about all their experiences when they have done EYC and and then told us we were going to do a boys vs girls match using the information we got told. There was a lot of shouting and sly moves like putting the opponents bowling balls on the other side of the lane and trying to ‘trap’ an opponent into the opposing team. There was a lot of celebrations but I think the favourite and most funniest was when Curtis got a strike, turned around and did the sprinkler! Definitely the best celebration of the day! It was a funny game with constant noise from both teams and a lot of support as well.

The final two games of the day were also boys vs girls but we had Lisa bowling with the boys and Hayley bowling with the girls. Lisa and Hayley showed us why they are adult Team England by performing 2 great games. After the first game the girls were just ahead by 6 pins. Halfway through the second game the boys and Lisa were just in front but the girls come back and had a good finish to take the game by quite abit. It was good fun and good experience to bowl with two adult Team England bowlers. We had 1 final talk which was a sum up of the weekend and about Romford the weekend after.

It’s not all just about serious bowling and talk all the time. There is a fun side to it and we have a lot of fun when we all come together. There are laughs and jokes with the coaches and the bowlers all the time and with the bowlers alone. Like we all tied Keira’s hair up in loads of ponytails and Frankie nearly threw herself down the lane while doing a drill. But one of the main ones was when Hadley put 4 times the amount of salt that you are supposed to put in the drink and me and Curtis just watched him take a sip and his face was a picture. All of the salt went to his head and he was there trying everything to get all the salt out of his mouth while we all just laughed at him. It made it even more funny because it was Hadley and if any of you know what Hadley is like then you could understand and if you don’t know him then…I guess it’s a good thing. Terry also then made his own cheesy garlic bread by picking some cheese off his cheese sandwich and putting it on his garlic bread…who knows it might catch on?

I got feedback off Curtis saying what he got out of the weekend and he said ‘ Personally I thought Lisa and Hayley were the stars of this weekend – the talk at the bowl on Saturday; evening meal at the hotel; bowling with them Sunday afternoon. The message I got from them was teamwork – we need to communicate literally every shot, knowing how to break down lanes as a team. Also, Lisa never stopped encouraging us boys on Sunday despite us playing well below par. ‘ I also got feedback from Hadley and he said ‘We became economic with making the salty drinks, I messed up the salty drinks. The main thing I got out of the session was that we should communicate as a team no matter if it is a strike, spare or split ‘.

Overall it was a great, informative and fun training session like usual and I hope these training sessions will continue like this.
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