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Rebecca Daley.jpg
Becky Daly
JTE Squad member 2012
World Sports Festival - Vienna 2012
2 x Junior Triple Crown
Won 3 JTE Events

Team England Training - November 2012
Becky wrote about the JTE training session held in the Academy during November 2012.  Read her great story below:
On Saturday 17th November I met up with the rest of the England European Junior squad at 1st Bowl Sheffield. We had a brief meeting with Terry and Keith and then went onto the lanes to play “single-pin”, a game intended to reinforce the importance of hitting single-pin spares in match play. This involved standard game play but if we missed a single pin spare our score went back to zero no matter what frame we were in! Next was a split leaving game using the foul line drill, the object being to deliberately leave a split using our spare balls and then to tell the rest of the team where you were going to stand on the approach and what target you were going to aim for to spare the split.
I proved to be exceptional at this, leaving the perfect split a “lily” (5,7,10) making it virtually impossible to spare! Next was the same exercise but using a two step approach followed by lunch, or as we say in the north DINNER!
During lunch some of us played “ninja”, a game a few of us learnt whilst representing England at the World Sports Festival in Vienna. Other squad members quickly picked up the game rules which made it really fun to play.
Next it was back into a meeting to talk about spares with Terry demonstrating that if you miss a single pin you’ve missed it by half a lane (21 boards). This does not include the 7 or 10 pins. Terry went on to state that spares win medals more than strikes, and that the reason most people miss single pins is through pressure as well as the fact that it appears to be a small target.
Back on the lanes we played a team game, girls versus boys. Before the match Hannah and George debated on why girls should have bonus pins added to their score (typically eight). After plenty of deliberation and arm twisting as usual us girls got our way and Hannah won! So it was eight pins per girl start! Another twist to the match was a forfeit for the losing team. Terry decided to let the girls choose what the losing teams forfeit would be and the girls decided that if the boys lost they had to carry all of the girl’s equipment upstairs to the ball park. If the girls lost they would clean and put away the boy’s equipment in their bags. The girls won of course! - By 30 pins.
After a long and tough day of training we met up at the “Jail House” restaurant which was in our hotel. Whilst we waited for our meal we decided to play “I Spy”. As the game went on the answers got more confused starting with Keira asking everyone if they could see something beginning with the letter ‘S’, simple!
There must be loads of things in a restaurant beginning with the letter ‘S’ or so you would have thought! But out blurts George with….wait for it….CEILING! Yes a good word and obviously we were covered by one but does it begin with ‘S’!!! Excited by all the confused looking faces I thought I had ‘nailed’ the answer and shouted out ‘CHANDELIER’ – Yippee, I thought, that’s got to be it! After all there was a shiny glass chandelier hanging right above my head.
Everyone broke out into fits of hysterical laughter but that was not it, the spell (get it!) of literary genius was not over and later on in the game our waitress chipped in with “icebreaker” for something beginning with the letter ‘E’ - what a night! Later on we all decided to take no chances and play cards with Curtis showing us some of his tricks.
On Sunday 18th we arrived for training at 10:00am and after another short meeting we were put into girl-boy pairs and were instructed to copy our partners bowling style. We had 30 minutes to perfect this. On Saturday we had been asked to find out about a person in our team, each person had to create a presentation no more than 3 minutes long about their partner’s life. This was a good team building exercise and on Sunday we had to say our presentation in front of the squad.
After finishing all of our presentations we went back onto the lanes to show the rest of the squad our impressions of our partner’s bowling style, I had to try and copy Curtis’s style. After each person had completed their impression we were given a score out of 10 by the rest of the squad and two other judges, Stuart Watson (NAYBC's Website and Media Editor) and Les Grant (BTBA Director of Coaching).
There was a £10 prize for the winner!!!
At dinner time (that’s lunch for all you Southerners) I played pool along with George and we played a doubles match against Keira and Brandon. Keira and Brandon won in a very close game and then we went back into the meeting room to find out who had won the £10 and to my surprise it was me.
After the meeting we went back onto the lanes to play 2 singles games girl’s vs boys. The highest scoring girl and boy had to play off in a head to head, this was Hannah for the girls and George for the boys. George went on to win scoring a 227 and a 175. Whilst Terry and Keith went to have a meeting with our parents we had 2 Baker games girls vs boys. The boys ended up winning making it one each in team events for the weekend.
s this was my first year in the European squad I found the training very useful but also a lot of fun. I got to know the team a lot more which helps everyone to get along better. The weekend was very successful.
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