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Welcome to the European Youth Championships 2010 Paris reports and pictures




girls_dub_presentation.jpgDoubles saw Autumn and Kirsten collect a well earnt and hard fought silver medal.

In team girls are sitting just 85 pins behind Germany after the first block of 3, ready to launch an assault on their scores in the second block of 3. The boys not to be outdone are in third after first block just 93 pins behind the swede who lie in first place.




quilleleft.png  swedish_finals_scores.jpg
 english_finals_cores_team.jpg  quilleright.png



Girls have guaranteed themselves another medal by qualifying in 4th place 1 pin ahead of the fins, brilliant.

Boys also qualified for semis.

Girls went on to beat hot favourites gernmany in semis only losing out in a fantastic match to Sweden, scores in pics above winning a silver, brilliant girls, that gold will come.

eng_boys.jpgThe boys fought well in the semis only to lose to eventual winners Sweden.





Daily Blog


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25th March 2010 - day 1

We all gathered at our final meeting point at Ashford.  Everyone had brought their own speciality for lunch that we ate when we were travelling on the Eurotunnel.  After arriving in France we had about a two and a half hour journey which was pretty quiet as we were all tired.  Finally we arrived at the hotel where we unpacked before going for dinner.  We were offered snails and frogs legs for the first time but surely it won’t be the last.  We retired to bed after a long and tiring day.

26th March 2010 - day 2
With no bowling on the schedule today, we took the chance for a trip into Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.  The journey took longer than expected as the maniacal local drivers dominated the road.  After having lunch in the minibus, we were ambushed by foreign sellers trying to sell us ‘big’ Eiffel Towers.  We then waited in a 2 mile long queue to walk the stairs whilst the coaches took the lift (thanks!).  2000 steps later we stopped to explore the view, take pictures and make some new friends….pigeons.  Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent on the tower before returning down the 2000 steps back to the minibus.  There then followed another long journey through packed Paris traffic.  We finished off the day with a good old McDonalds and made some actual human friends from Poland and Czech Republic.  Bring on the bowling now.

March 27th – day 3
Today was unofficial practice.  Everyone seemed to be bowling well, nice and relaxed.  We were playing on a pattern that turned but to be not unlike the official condition.  All the boys and girls were fit and healthy, a good sign for the week ahead.

March 28th – day 4
Official practice day.  Things didn’t go well at first as everyone was very tense and uptight.  Once we relaxed, we were able to find some decent lines with various balls.  Job well done and Matty Blythe had a thirteen game unbeaten run on Fifa 10 Boom!

March 29th – day 5
Here we go down to the serious stuff.  Boys doubles is first and Matthew F and Michael were first up followed by Jake and Matty B.  Using official practice as a basis, we started with the lines we’d found but it didn’t quite go to plan for all of us.  The conditions were very demanding and we discovered that they changed quicker than anticipated.  Matt F had a steady day finishing 9 over for the day which he was satisfied with.  Matty B played alright the highlight being one amazing game of 298 to put him 31 over for the day.  Jake struggled with the changeable conditions and wasn’t making enough strikes to get him over scoring 44 under.  Mikey had similar problems to Jake, starting slowly but got better as the day went on and recovered well with a 277 in the last game to back from to only 22 under.  Overall both teams scored 2387 and were placed 13th and 14th.


March 30th – day 6
Now it’s time for the girls at last.  First up in the doubles were Anna and Bekah who shot a steady 2112 (Anna 1039 & Bekah 1073).  They played well but didn’t catch any lucky breaks.  A few splits were the source of the damage. Team Vokes and Hamlet finished in a respectable 21st place.  Next it was the turn of team Chamberlain and MacGregor.  After a flying start with 417 & 426 in the first two games, they suffered a major blow with a 304 in the third.  They then knew that the next three games would be make or break.  The two girls went back to striking ways, as if the third game had never happened, and finished as they started with games of 476 & 440 for a total of 2446 (Autum 29 over & Kirsten 17 over) and to qualify for the semi finals in first place.  Into the semi final against Israel and even with the opposition supporters trying to put the girls off, the girls made the Israeli girls look like amateurs and went through comfortably to the final.  The final was to be against Sweden.  The match was extremely exciting going back and forward between the two nations until the eighth frame.  Both girls had unfortunate splits that gave Sweden the chance to edge it and win.  An outstanding performance by Autum and Kirsten to win the silver medal.  So a great start for Team England and a sign of things to come.


March 31st – Day 7
The first session of the girls team started well with scores of 810 and 840 for the first two games to lie in second place behind the German team.  Unfortunately the scores dipped in the third game and a score of 745 was a little disappointing.  Nevertheless everyone played well and the team was lying in second place behind the Germans.



April 1st – Day 8
The second session of the girls team started the day and we had high hopes of reaching the final four.  These hopes seemed to have all but disappeared when opening games of 743 and 718 left us in fifth place and twenty one pins behind the Finnish girls.  The last game was a tense affair and all the team struggled to find their form of the first two games.  We battled to a score of 452 and a total of 4608.  We were all disappointed and felt our chance had gone but the news from the Finnish girls gave us some hope.  The Finns were also struggling and it all came down to the last frame.  Needing at least a strike and 9 spare to beat us, the last bowler had a strike and as we held our breath she bowled an 8 spare and we jumped for joy as we had qualified in fourth by one pin.  There was then a nervous ten minutes while we waited for the official result.

It was the boys turn next.  Practice seemed promising as Matty B and Michael looking good as ever and Jake and Matt F finding promising lines.  First game and Matty B has a blinder with 248 and a total of 816 for the team.  At this point we knew we were on a pace to beat Denmark to fourth place knowing that Finland and Greece had set the targets in the other squad.  The 2nd game was hard work, Michael shot a 226, but some good sparing and making important shots got us to 800.  It looked like another game around 800 would get the final place in the semis and it was looking good as Matty B was on course for a 290 game and the rest of us playing okay.  A split in the ninth frame for Matty B started a bit of a wobble.  Matty F had a solid 9 spare 9, then Jake was unlucky and left a 4-9 split suddenly it was all looking a bit black.  Michael then heroically struck out and it was down to Matty B to carry the team home.  Typical of the week, needing a mark to be sure Matty went high and left 3-6-9-10.  He kept his nerve and spared it off and finished with a strike to edge out the Danish by 8 pins for fourth place.

In the finals the boys would play the Swedes and the girls had to take on the Germans.  For the boys the game started well, keeping in contention, but a bit of bad luck combined with poor carry and a few splits let the Swedes take control and they ran out winners by 891 to 806. 


So to the girls up against the top seeded Germans.  Things didn’t look good to start with as a flurry of strikes carried the Germans to an early lead.  The match began to turn around the fourth and fifth frames as we began to find the strike line and suddenly the strikes dried up for the opposition.  Anna led the fight back on her way to a magnificent 226 with everyone else playing their part.  The job was done by the tenth frame and the girls secured the game 772 to 694.  Inevitably it was to be the Swedes again in the final.  What a great final it turned out to be as first the Swedes got the upper hand only for the English girls to fight back and lead by 50 pins going into the ninth frame.  This proved to be the crucial frame as we left two open frames and this was matched by strikes from the Swedish team.  The tenth frame was a tense affair, but in the end despite a brave effort, the greater experience of the Swedes proved decisive as they made the vital strikes to win by just 15 pins despite Bekah, Autum and Kirsten all bowling 200+. 

A fantastic performance by both teams to medal, only bettered in the team by the Swedes.


April 2nd – Day 9
With the doubles and team completed it was now time for the singles event with the boys up first.


Matty F and Michael led the way in the first squad.  Matty has been a picture of consistency throughout the tournament but started slowly with games of 175 and 171.  He picked things up in the third with a 198 and followed this up with a 223.  This was to be the high point as his last two games were 200 and 172 for a total of 1139.  Unfortunately this turned out to be doubly disappointing as it left him 54th in the singles but ultimately outside the top 24 for the masters.


Michael began well with a 214 and continued this good form as he shot further games of 192, 212, 236 and 209.  Although his last game was a bit down (178) a total score of 41 over was the third best in the squad and would finish in an excellent 19th place overall in the singles.  This good score confirmed Michael would qualify for the masters finishing 11th in the all events.


Matty B and Jake bowled the final squad of singles.  Jake set the pace in the first two games and led the squad with games of 258 and 275 raising hopes of a medal chance in the singles and a place in the masters.  For whatever reason he wasn’t able to maintain this pace as the lanes broke down.  Much to his own frustration, four sub par games to finish left him on 1227 for the six game block and placed 26th in the singles.  The masters proved to be just out of reach as well. 

Meanwhile Matty B started steadily with 25 over for the first two games.  A bit of a hiccup in the next with 181 was then followed by 268, 222 and 236.  Finishing with 1332 this was agonisingly close as Matty finished fifth just 28 pins off the medal playoffs.  As if this wasn’t enough, his total of 3859 for the tournament was just 6 pins shy of a bronze medal in the All Events.  Commiserations but also congratulations on a magnificent performance.


April 3rd – Day 10
After a day off, the girls were back in action for their singles event.  First into action were Anna and Bekah.  This was not to be a great day for Anna as a combination of missed spares and not much luck when she needed it led to only one 200+ game finishing with 1056.  This meant 43rd place in the singles and sadly out of the top 24 for the masters.  Bekah was to fare much better and kept the scores ticking over and was 33 under for the first three games.  A further set of 5 over including a 232 meant a final total of 1174 and what would turn out to be a very good 13th place in the singles.  It was now going to be an agonising wait for the other squad to see if Bekah would qualify for the masters.


 Kirsten and Autum were in the second squad, knowing that the top score form the first squad was 1256 so this was the target although it was clear form the start that some of the stronger bowlers were in this squad.  Both girls started well, Autum 25 over and Kirsten 23 over for the first two games.  Sadly Autum began to lose a bit of form and never quite reached the same level despite a 207 in her last game.  A six game total of 1137 meant 25th place in the singles, but safe qualification into the masters.  As Autum’s form dipped Kirsten was able to continue to keep pace although the Swede Jenny Wegner was flying and was 128 over for the first three games.  Kirsten bowled further games of 226 and 222 (71 over for 4 games).  It was looking good for a top four place until a 188 in the fifth game set the nerves jangling.  The tension was getting to everyone in the sixth, but another score of 188 was enough to qualify in third place as well as securing 7th place in the All Events. Third place meant a semi final match against the German (of course).  In a terrific match to watch Kirsten & Nadine Motzer traded strikes and spares for the first five frames before Kirsten made the vital breakthrough and clinched victory by 223 to 194.  The final and as expected it was to be a third meeting with a player representing Sweden.  Disappointingly for Kirsten this was to be a game of missed chances.  When Jenny Wegner opened the first two frames the chance was there to build a lead.  This was nearly achieved but for an open by Kirsten in the third frame.  Although a relatively low scoring match it was absorbing to watch and went down to the last frame.  Kirsten had the opportunity to strike out to win from the eighth but missed the chance and the Swede closed out the match 189 to 157.  The agony of losing for a third time in a final was tempered by the realisation of the achievement of winning 3 silvers.

The day was not over.  Two rounds of the girls masters followed soon after the completion of the singles.  In round 1 Autum was matched against Linderoth from Sweden and for once the result was different as Autum showed her class winning in two straight games with scores of 246 and 243.  For Bekah the challenge was the Ukrainian Kovalova.  In a close first game the Ukrainian went one game up.  Bekah fought back well in the second game with a 245 and so we went to a decider.  Kovalova always held a slender lead and despite a spirited performance the lead was held and victory for the Ukrainian by 216 to 190


The second round saw Kirsten paired against Kovalova, who had just beaten Bekah, and Autum was up against Kryl from Russia.  The Ukrainian continued here good form from the first round and aided by a couple of missed spares from Kirsten edged the first game by 10 pins.  The second game was a similar story, with a missed spare costing Kirsten the second game by 6 pins. Perhaps a game too far after the pressures of the singles finals?  Meanwhile Autum was locked in a tight battle with her opponent.  Kryl gained the upper hand in a tight first game winning 192 to 179.  Autum then bossed the second game with a 246 and we were into a decider.  Both players showed their class and it was nip and tuck for most of the game.  The Russian made the important breakthrough as the game drew to a close and edged out Autum 238 to 222.

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