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Welcome to the JTE Blog for the EYC 2008. We will try and make sure that we post something each day during the tournament Smile

Day 1 - Friday 14th - Travelling!

12 juniors, 20 parents and relatives and five officials met up at Heathrow at 8am this morning for the two and a half hour flight to Helsinki.

When we got on the plane we were told that we had a two hour delay! not the best start. Fortunately it ended up only being about 20 minutes ....phew! Wasn't a bad flight, no real bad weather or anything.

Arrived in Helsinki to about four degrees...a mini heatwave !!! and to find that several bags and cases had not made it to and games tomorrow then. A good job we travel a couple of days early these days.

Nice meal at the hotel....several other countries arrived today too. Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Czech Republic to name a few.

Oh to bed now....hope our bags arrive tomorrow!

Day 2 - Saturday 15th - Bowling bags turn up like buses, nothing for hours then three all together!! Fortunately Frans clothes also arrived Surprised

thumb_chelsie_pyle.jpg Chelsie

Early breakfast at 9 am, our first full day in Helsinki. The girls had mixed feelings as some of our balls were still missing, abandoned in Hong Kong we thought!!! but as it was snowing, smiles were back on our faces...... Went for a short walk to explore the excellent sites of Helsinki ha ha....when we arrived back at our hotel,we caught a pimped out taxi to the bowling centre. We were shocked to see how amazing the bowl was!! Overall the day was a good start to our European Championships.

girls_snow.jpg boys_snow.jpg talibowl1.jpg talibowl2.jpg

Early start this morning, down at 9 for brekky to eat and do a little 'mingling'. After this we went for a walk in the snow and saw Santa Claus driving a VW Taxi!! Later on we caught a special taxi to the bowl (which is AMAZING!). We had some food and then a bowl. I think that everyone relaxed a bit in the 'unofficial' practice and felt pretty comfortable. GOOD DAY!!


"You want a special Taxi?" Terry was heard to cry...."Me and Pat were chauffeured in the absolute pimped-to-the-max-mobile of a taxi! Blue interior lighting....super sounds and everything!!"

Also brought to an end was the theory of the team that 9am was early......Terry announced that the first TEAM BREKKY was to be 8:30 on Sunday followed by 6am starts from then on!!!!

Official Practice has been moved from 12:30 to 5 pm to allow a bit more time to locate the final three missing bowling bags.

Day 2 in the big brother tournament was officially over


Day 3 of the EYC - Official Practice........





Danni, Kat and Steve went to the bowl to get some balls drilled as the missing kit still had not arrived! The rest of the team went on a search for shops and water and on their travels had a snow ball fight with the Hungarian team. WE WON!!!

We then went to the bowl for official practice and everyone finished in high spirits and excited about the first event.

Then we had the opening ceremony which was fun as everyone got the giggles.

Bring on the Doubles Event !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thumb_laura_montgomery.jpg Laura



Today is Sunday, normally we wake up at about twelve, have a fry up and be lazy all day. But not today......skipper Kay was up at half seven, down for brekky at half eight and ready to go to the bowl with Danni and Kat to get some gear drilled up to replace what BA lost !!

The rest of us went shopping and kicked Hungarian butt at snow ball fighting before schooling them in bowling on the lanes! Everyone had a really good day and are really looking forward to the doubles on Tuesday.

PS. Good luck to the girls on Monday for their doubles! 

 thumb_dscf1116.jpg  okeycokey.jpg



Day 4 - The Girls Doubles

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly Kirsty's personal best series of 695!! Well done Kirsty! Overall though, the girls didn't have the best of days but no one should ever underestimate the pressure of the EYC. Despite having practiced well, the girls just couldn't get the strikes stringing. Everyone was conscious of the mix of nerves and excitement. The girls struggled a bit with accuracy and consistency and consequently didn't score as well as they expected. A bunch of tired and disappointed girls at the end of a long day, however, determined to do better in the Trios.  

Day 5 - The Boys Doubles

Up early today were Andy and Steve K. Andy volunteered that they play the early squad, much to Steve's fact, there were threats of mortal danger to Andy because of it. It all started brightly with a 400 game but after that there were no more par+ games. The lads struggled to make their shots count and finished with a total of 2255.

In the second squad were Steve M and 'special boy' Levi. These two had made the lanes look easy in practice but struggled to find form in the first three games. In the second half they came alive again and shot 471 and 438 and ended up just over at 2412.

The problem was that the Danes were leading with 2645!!!

But, as they say, it ain't over till it's over! Our last trio were up. Jonny and Graham....monkies of the north! While Jonny took a few frames to get lined up there was no such problem for Graham.....apart from the fourth frame where he says someone else threw the ball, he struck every shot..266 for a 455 doubles game. Next game, he kept going and definitely across the two games has more than 12 in a row. He ended with a 241. With Jonny's 209 giving them 450......great start! Jonny improved his scoring almost every game with 222, 225, 249, 244 to end up 138 over. Graham struggled on a pair in game 4 where there was a kerfuffle with the scoring and in game 6 got unsettled by a couple of not very helpful machine faults. He shot 214, 168,212,169 to finish 70 over. An open in a run of strikes in the 9th frame just after, and defnitely not helped by, the last breakdown meant we finished in sixth place with 2608, just 46 pins short of Gold and 33 of a medal. boys doubles.JPG

WELL DONE JONNY & GRAHAM......A splendid effort and thanks to the Girls team for shouting and screaming for them during the games.




Day 6 - Trios - first three games.

The Girls had the early start today. The first trio on were Danni, Kat and Kim. Alan was given a lie in (flippin heck, the joys of being a girls coach) while Terry spent the session with the team. The girls started brightly and ended the session in around seventh, but in touch with the early leaders. After a couple of hours extra beauty sleep, Alan arrived with the second trio of Kirsty, Laura and Chelsie. The girls struggled to get to grips with the lanes today. The number of spectators in the bowl had helped the conditions to be a little awkward. Still, as they say.....all to play for.

The Boys had a good lay in with extra sleeping and all arrived at the bowl around 1:15. The first three up were Levi, Andy and Steve K. Levi found the shot quickly (ending up with 675) and although both Andy and Steve had a good shape in practice they just couldn't get consistency and suffered a lot score-wise. Next up were Steve M, Jonny and Graham. Obviously we were all hoping for Steve to find his form and Jonny & Graham to continue where they left off in the doubles. Unfortunately it was not to be. The guys tried and tried but didn't really make the consistent shots needed to score. Again though, the spirit was good in the team and they all vowed to do better tomorrow.  

 BoysT1.JPGAndy, Levi & Steve K

Steve M, Jonny & GrahamBoysT2.JPG 

Day 7 - Trios - Second three games. 

The story of the day was definitely the first boys trios. Having got the early wake up we were at the bowl at 8:20 for the 9am start. Although the other boys were still suffering, Levi started big and just got bigger. With games of 218, 290, 247 for a 755 series. His six game block was 1430 and tied with Arturs Levikins of Latvia who shot the same in the same block, for a new European Record. One that was standing since 1984! The team finished just over for the block, mainly thanks to Levi. 

 thumb_levi_chamberlain.jpgLevi Chamberlain - 290 game on the way to a 1430 block of six.......a new EUROPEAN RECORD!!!! 

This gives Levi a great push towards the Masters.

The other boys trio were better today but not enough to make a dent in the leader boards with 17th and 25th places. But confident as ever they look forward to the team event on Friday.

The first Girls trio were back on after lunch. What a fantastic start....667 followed up with a 643 and a 599 against Latvia to edge them out of the medal slots. Kat shooting  magnificent 702 for the second block, 1350for the six game block. Sitting second but a squad still to go.....nerves were a jangling!!!

The second trio went on in the final squad and took thier turn to start hitting numbers. The first game a whopping 704!! And it continued on to a 1339 taking them to 9th place. Laura keeping up her knack for shooting a big set in international play with a 704 herself.

Unfortunately for us, the Isreali girls snuck up on our score and went 30 odd sticks better to push us into 4th....Bu**er!!! 

Still, no mean result for JTE 4th and 9th was pretty good and bodes well for the team event. 

Team England Performance Director, Chris Buck, joined the teams at the bowl late in the afternoon and is with us until Saturday afternoon. Chris is here to look at our talent as well as checking out the adult team's  future opposition. Great to see the links continue to be forged across the Team England spectrum.     

Day 8 - Team Time Laughing

The girls were back on the early shift today for the first three in the team. After the disappointing doubles and trios it was important to get a good start. This was not to be as the team only managed an ordinary 944 game. But then a spark and the strikes began to flow. 1033 second game with a 1048 to follow. Still a day to go but England on top of the leader board just ahead of the Belgians. Another strong performance from Kirsty with a solid 662.  Good placings for the Masters too. Well done girlies....more tomorrow please. 


After a late brekky and a good lie in, the boys were raring to go, again to make up for earlier disappointments. It was again however to be a slow start. The boys were so keen it was like racing bowling......who could finish first was not gonna win the event though! The first game was over so quick it seemed like it should be more than 932! The second game was a bit more controlled, and less open frames too, but still only 973. After a good tongue lashing from Coach, the chaps took a little more time over things and, playing Finland, produced a much more appropriate game, 1126 helped us to 31 over for the block. Levi and Jonny still looking good for the Masters. The Norwegians and Greeks swapped the one game record with 1169 and 1186 in subsequent games and the Norwegians and Finns topped the leader board tied on a new record 3371.....WOW!! Still, anything could happen tomorrow, the boys are more than capable of those sort of games.


If this wasn't exciting enough for the players, after a nice meal at the hotel, just after they went off to bed, someone on the fourth floor (we are on the ninth) set off the fire alarm and within two minutes several fire engines arrived and everyone was congregated in reception. Hopefully we will be able to post a some pics later (yes, Terry borrowed someones camera but turned it onto video mode not pictures so we gotta try and convert them - lol). 

When the activity had subsided all those on floors 5 to 9 were allowed back to their rooms BUT! not allowed to use the lifts!! Nine floors of stairs......Fran was mortified....her account of the long journey is to come......

An eventful day for one and all.

 thumb_fire.jpg  thumb_fire2.jpg
 Chaos.JPG  fire3.jpg


Day 9 - Team Time 2 Surprised

The boys were first up on this the final day of the team event. Hoping to continue with the 1100 pace of the previous evening. The lanes were playing shorter today, more hook than we had seen during the previous days. However it was not a bad start with 1005. Then they moved to 13&14, talk about unlucky 13! This pair seemed to do the strangest of things and the boys struggled to make headway finishing with a meagre 845. The last game restored some pride with 1024 but they ended in 12th place on 5905. The Norwegians won the event at 729 over, Finland second on 528 over and Sweden in third with ONLY 442 over!!! 

On to the girlies....lieing in first place by the slenderest of margins. The first game was a traditional English second day start! a bit of a struggle to 976. Meanwhile the Dutch were hitting big numbers a few pairs away...1160 and a new record. The Swedes not far away either had 1072. We dropped to 5th Cry

In the second game the fight back began with a fantastic 1198. With the last game to go we were back in silver medal position. The Dutch had shot another 1100 game as had France. The girls rallied and fought to the end of the last game with the Sweded and Israelis falling away. Strike after strike and the game score of 1031 giving a total score of 6130, not enough to overtake the Dutch but certainly enough to keep the Silver medal beating the Swedes by 26 sticks.......Yeeeeeeeeey England!!!!

Congratulation to Alan and the girls!


 The team get theirPat medals.JPG

medals from Pat &medals2.JPG then pose for somemedals1.JPG nice pictures!! medals3.JPG



The top 24 players make the Masters event and for the first round the top 8 get a bye. So players 9 to 24, boys and girls lined up for head to head seeded matchplay, best of three games to decide the 8 that would go into the second round on Sunday morning.

England had three girls and one boy in......Katrina, Laura and Kirsty and Levi. Jonny was gutted to miss the cut by 5 pins. As always seems to happen to us, Kat and Kirsty ended up playing each other. Kat won the match progressing to the next round. Unfortunately Levi and Laura were beaten by a Finn and Ukrainian respectively.


Everyone was up early (6:30 brekky) to get to the bowl to support Kat in her second round match. She was drawn against the Polish girl Daria. The two girls looked good in the warm-up but when they got into the match Kat's carry disappeared and though she was making good shots the corner pins were sticking fast! For Daria the carry stayed and she won the match 2-0. 

Thus ended JTE involvement in the tournament. Fought hard, one Silver medal and lots of experience gained and hopefully lessons learned by the players. It is true to say that there are no weak countries any more. The Eastern europeans continue to improve and give the established nations much to think about. Arturs Levikins of Latvia shooting the fifth 300 game in a run of 19 strikes during his second round Masters match. We have work to do if we are going to continue to win medals at this event in the future!

Full results on the EYC website (follow the link on the front page) and the JTE EYC picture book to come soon.

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