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The Junior Triple Crown 2012 was hosted by Bowlplex, Glyndwr Road, Cwmbran, NP44 1QS (Tel 01633 867744).  Teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales competed in U16 and U19 groups in singles, doubles, trios, team and mixed doubles. 


Junior Triple Crown Team England 2012

U16 Girls - Rebecca Daley, Lorna Scott, Adriana Roberts, Katie Tagg, Rebecca Spiking and Jodie Douglas

U19 Girls - Keira Reay, Franchesca Plewis, Hannah Frost, Samantha Sargent, Jennifer Lofty and Jessica Montgomery

U16 Boys - Brandon Roberts, James McMinn, Jamie Elliott, Alex Green, Curtis Proctor and Remey Bader

U19 Boys - Adam Turnbull, Hadley Morgan, Curtis Hooper, Elliott Crispe, Harry Langley and Russell Knight


Final Results

Congratulations to Hadley Morgan on bowling a 300-game in the U19 singles and a new U19 Boys Record

Special mention to Kiera Reay for a Gold Medal in EVERY discipline U19 Girls and 3 new U19 Girls records

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 U16's Final  U19's Final

 Courtesyof the Official Website


Final Medals Table by Participants

 England  Ireland  Scotland  Wales
 Gold 37  5 10  1
 Silver 26  8 16  3
 Bronze 14 28 12 0
 Total  77 41
38  4


Final Medals Table by Discipline

 England  Ireland  Scotland  Wales
 Gold 20  3 2  1
 Silver 15  4 4 2
 Bronze 10 9 6 0
 Total  45 16 12 3

  New Junior Triple Crown Records

U19 Girls
Singles 2012 ENG Keira Reay 1426 Cwmbran
Doubles 2012 ENG Keira Reay/Frankie Plewis 1331 Cwmbran
All Events 2012 ENG Keira Reay 3397 Cwmbran

U19 Boys
All Events 2012 Eng Hadley Morgan 3526 Cwmbran

Download the Complete Table Here


Junior Team England Medals  

Junior Team England's Triple Crown Team Manager, Sue Allen told us: "We had a great time and were successful, winning 77 medals & bringing the trophy home. I would like to thank Paul Rumkee, Jim Missen, Neil Warland and Richard Lambkin for being so supportive to me and to their teams."



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Trophy and Perpetual Awards


 The Masters

U16 Girls and Boys




 U19 Girls and Boys





  Mixed Doubles

U16 GOLD Adriana Roberts/Curtis Procto (1,076)


 U19 BRONZE Jessica Montgomery/Harry Langley (977)


U16 Singles Girls

GOLD Lorna Scott (1,284)  SILVER Rebecca Daley (1,202)  BRONZE Katie Tagg (1,193)


U16 Trios Girls

 GOLD Lorna Scott/Jodie Douglas/Rebecca Daley (1,822)   BRONZE Rebecca Spiking/Adriana Roberts/Katie Tagg (1,561)


U16 Fives Girls

 SILVER Lorna Scott/Katie Tagg/Rebecca Spiking/Jodie Douglas/Rebecca Daley (2,644)


U16 All Events Girls

 GOLD Rebecca Daley (3,069)   SILVER Lorna Scott (2,926)


U16 Singles Boys

GOLD Jamie Elliott (1,265)  SILVER James McMinn (1,262)  BRONZE Alex Green (1,242)


U16 Doubles Boys

GOLD Remy Bader/Brandon Roberts (1,292)


U16 Trios Boys

GOLD James McMinn/Curtis Proctor/Jamie Elliott (1,768)


U16 Fives Boys

 GOLD Remy Bader/Jamie Elliott/Alex Green/James cMinn/Brandon Roberts (3,017)


U16 All Events Boys

 GOLD Brandon Roberts (3,111)   BRONZE Remy Bader (3,094)


U19 Singles Girls

GOLD Keira Reay (1,426)  SILVER Hannah Frost (1,314)

U19 Doubles Girls

GOLD Keira Reay/Franchesca Plewis (1,331)   SILVER Jennifer Lofty/Samantha Sargent (1,286)


U19 Trios Girls

 GOLD Keira Reay/Franchesca Plewis/Hannah Frost (1,880)   BRONZE Jennifer Lofty/Jessica Montgomery/Samantha Sargent (1,615)


U19 Fives Girls

 GOLD Keira Reay/Franchesca Plewis/Samantha Sargent/Jennifer Lofty/Hannah Frost (2,954)


U19 All Events Girls

 GOLD Kiera Reay (3,397)   SILVER Jennifer Lofty (3,146)   BRONZE Franchesca Plewis (3,107)


U19 Singles Boys

GOLD Hadley Morgan (1,499)  SILVER Curtis Hooper (1,391)


U19 Doubles Boys

SILVER Curtis Hooper/Hadley Morgan


U19 Trios Boys

GOLD Harry Langley/Elliott Crispe/Russell Knight (1,919)   SILVER Curtis Hooper/Adam Turnbull/Hadley Morgan (1,899)


U19 Fives Boys

SILVER Curtis Hooper/Adam Turnbull/Elliott Crispe/Russell Knight/Hadley Morgan (3,224)


U19 All Events Boys

GOLD Hadley Morgan (3,526)   BRONZE Curtis Hooper (3,334)



The NAYBC would like to thank Julie Cole for the medal winners photographs above, and to Aimee-Louise MacAndrew and all other contributors whos photographs appear in the photo album but whos names we may not have.  Thank you also to Barnsley Bowl and Bugsy's Tenpin Bowling in Cliftonville for providing the girls team with specially embroidered skorts.


Schedule of Play

Friday 24th August
08:00 - 09:00  Opening Ceremony
09:00 - 11:30   U16 Girls Singles (Sqd1)
09:00 - 11:30   U19 Girls Singles
11:30 - 12:30   Lane Maintenance
12:30 - 15:00  U16 Girls Singles (Sqd2)
12:30 - 15:00  U16 Boys Singles
15:00 - 16:00   Lane Maintenance
16:00 - 18:30  U19 Boys Singles

Saturday 25th August
08:30 - 09:30  U16 Boys Doubles
08:30 - 09:30  U16 Girls Doubles (Squad 1)
09:30 - 10:00  Singles Medals Ceremony
10:00 - 11:00  Lane Maintenance
11:00 - 12:00  U19 Boys Doubles
11:00 - 12:00  U16 Girls Doubles (Squad 2)
12:00 - 13:30  Lane Maintenance
13:30 - 15:00  U19 Girls Doubles
13:30 - 15:00  U16 Boys Trios
15:00 - 16:00  Lane Maintenance
16:00 - 17:30  U16 Girls Trios
16:00 - 17:30  U19 Boys Trios
17:30 - 18:00  Doubles Medals Ceremony
17:30 - 18:30  Lane Maintenance

18:30 - 19:30  U19 Girls Trios

Sunday 26th August
08:00 - 08:30  Trios Medals Ceremony
08:30 - 11:30  Team Event
08:30 - 11:30  Mixed Doubles
11:30 - 12:00  Teams and Mixed Doubles Ceremony
12:30 - 13:30  Lane Maintenance & Raffle
13:00 - 15:30  Masters (Top 6 in Age Groups)
15:30 - 16:00  Medals Ceremony

Kay Roger's Blog

Tournament Manager Kay Rogers
Kay's Korner - Day 1

A year ago we started putting plans in place for the JTC, after the senior “desert” classic in Nantgarw, the newest Bowlplex in Wales at Cwmbran was decided upon as the venue.

The teams paraded in under the banner of their countries and duly lined up flags waving and crowds cheering. The centre gave way to Carrianne Rogers to sing her own version of the song “Titanium” with a piano background.

First event of the day was the U19 girls singles and a split squad of U16 girls singles; there were some familiar faces but some new ones too who had never bowled in a triple crown before. Keira Reay (England) started with a 221 and never slipped below a 200 game rolling, 253, 258, 236, 248 and 210 to break the previous record and shoot 1426 to win the singles. Hannah Frost (England) finished in the silver medal position with 1314 and Amanda Larkin (Ireland) had the bronze which included a 258 game.

The U16 girls saw Lorna Scott from England take gold with 1284 which included a 278 in the second game. Rebecca Daly took silver with 1202 and Katie Tagg the bronze with 1193 and another creditable 258 game to finish. Credit must go to Rosalyn Moore from Ireland who had a perfect game until she fouled in frame 10 and finished on a 270 in 4th place missing out by just 3 pins.

The U16 boys singles also saw some good games but with a closer battle for the top places. Jamie Elliott won Gold with 1265 including a 277 game, James McMinn took silver with 1262 including a high game of 278 and Alex Green took the bronze with a 1242.

The last event of the day U19 boys singles with a sea of red scores coming thick and fast saw a 290 game from David McKay from Scotland to make him finish 7th. However, the best was saved until last; a 300 bowled in the last game from Hadley Morgan, the first ever seen at this centre, earning him a certificate and an “angry bird” soft toy. His eventual set was 1499 and a well-deserved gold medal; Silver went to Curtis Hooper 1391 with 6 games over 200 each and Matthew Kestall from Ireland with Bronze on 1356 which included a 278 game.

The day was a learning curve for Bowlplex crew who embraced it with open arms, having never seen so many excellent bowlers in their centre since it had opened. The staff were very impressed with the standard of the young bowlers involved.

Day 2

The next event up was the U19 girls doubles and it was decided that the special cleaning fluid the technicians were using was taking far too long to dry so I advised them not to put any more down as it was starting to get like an ice rink out there. This meant that the squads would make up some time. Once again the leader of the pack was the outstanding 16 year old Keira Reay shooting 687 (including a 256) and her partner Franchesca Plewis also had an amazing 644 to take the gold medal ahead of the other English pairing of Jenny lofty and Samantha Sargent on a 1286. Jenny shot a high game of 280 and a fantastic 740 set. Scottish pairing of Naomi Lawson and Tania Yusaf finished third on 1193. The U16 boys trios ran alongside the girls doubles saw victory go to the English squad of James McMinn, Curtis Proctor and Jamie Elliott on a 1768 score narrowly followed by Scotland trio of Ryan Hart, Daniel Napier & Jack Kerr on 1752 and the other Scottish trio of Daniel Masters, Thomas Murphy & John O’Neil 1707. The U16 girls trios was run alongside the U19 boys trios and saw a runaway victory for the English trio of Lorna Scott, Jodie Douglas & Rebecca Daly and a 1822 set, silver to the Irish girls team of Sarah Dunne, Roslyn Moore & Rachel Mulligan on 1614 & bronze to the other English girls team comprising Rebecca Spiking, Adriana Roberts & Katie Tagg on 1561. By the evening things were really hotting up as the English trio of Harry Langley, Elliott Crispe Russell Knight took the gold with 1919 closely followed by the other English boys Curtis Hooper, Adam Turnbull & Hadley Morgan on 1899 and the Irish boys Christopher Sloan, Aidan Byrne & Stephen Dunne on 1890. Last event of the night was the U19 girls trios which started well past the scheduled time due to the earlier problems however once again Keira was on a roll with a 703 and resulting in gold for her team mates of Franchesca Plewis and Hannah Frost on a massive 1880. Scottish girls took the silver with 1654 and the other English trio took the bronze with 1615. Having been in the bowl since 8am the bowling finished at 10pm and we finally managed to leave at 10.30 very tired and very hungry. We decided to eat at the hotel however I found myself almost falling asleep into my food as I was really exhausted from running around the bowl.


Another early start beckoned as I originally had scheduled both the teams and the mixed to run side by side however having had a few issues with 15 & 16 had to make a schedule change and run the team first. My fear was if the two lanes played up again then we would have nowhere to put people so it really was not worth the risk. Everyone seemed fine with this and both the girls and boys teams all started a bit later than planned as I had to host some medal presentations for both doubles and trios and with so many parents keen to take pictures and a few flag attaching issues for the parade too we kicked off around 9am. Emily, on control had to key all the names in all on her own, yesterday there were two on control, and fair play she whizzed through all the names so the teams could crack on.

If the staff were deafened from the previous days noise the team event topped it and they stood there with amazed faces. It was almost like being at a football match with vuvuzellas and lots of cheering from the many supporters. The English girls ruled the way in the U19 section taking gold with 2954, Scotland runners up on 2633 and just pipping the Irish by a single pin! The Scottish boys caused an upset in the boys U19 taking gold with 3268 and including two fantastic sets of 725 from Marco Biondi and beaten by his team mate Daniel McKay rolling 726! The English were the runners up on 3224 and Irish 3080. The Scottish girls also took gold in the U16 team event with 2726, England took silver with 2644 and the Irish bronze on 2561. However it was a different story for the U16 boys with England taking gold on 3017, Scottish took silver with 2807 and the Irish bronze and 2607. Another set of medals were presented to the teams while the lanes were dressed for the mixed doubles event. Unfortunately Wales did not have enough players to field a team here so the gold went to England-Adriana Roberts and Curtis proctor on 1076, Ireland took silver-Lauren O’Neill and Cieran Watts 1017 and Caitlin Kerr and Thomas Murphy from Scotland took bronze with 1013.

It was a different story in the U19 mixed section as there was a Welsh representation and this combination had been talked about since Ireland last year as the pairing of Carrianne Rogers (my daughter) and Jamie Cunningham have a great rapport together having bowled together on a few occasions. They started a little slowly and were in second place after the first game but soon picked it up to bowl a 232 and a 194 second game to then finish with a 244 and 161 and take the gold medal with 1171, Ireland mixed doubles pairing of Zara Lynch and Stephen Dunne took silver on 1022 and the English took the bronze with Harry Langley and Jessica Montgomery on 977. Carrianne found it very emotional having been bowling in the Junior TC for 6 years to have finally achieved this gold, having previously medalled at both YAC and Adult Triple Crowns and a bronze in the team 4 years ago again in the under 19 section when she was only 13. Medals were soon presented and it was onto the Masters event. This was a one game round robin with the top 6 making it in each division I decided to run it as a doubles format with all the girls bowling together and all the boys bowling together. The Bowlplex system does not seem to allow you to programme the names ahead so after a bit of debate we found it easier to put all the names in at control rather than on the consoles. Keira made it a clean sweep winning the U19 girls section, Hannah Frost runner up and Amanda Larkin from Ireland in third place.

The champion for the U19 boys was Curtis Hooper beating Hadley Morgan by a mere 4 pins and Kieran Grice took bronze. The U16 girls masters was won by Ireland’s Rachel Mulligan, Lorna Scott from England took silver and Rebecca Daly took bronze. The U16 boys masters was a clean sweep for England for Brandon Roberts taking gold, James McMinn silver and Jamie Elliott bronze. At some point during the day my watch decided to slow down and I lost track of all time but know we finished at 7.15 much later than planned. With the banquet scheduled for 7.30 Theresa Hall (Wales team manager) had to radio ahead so that we could delay the food for 8.30. When all the bowling was finished we were in the back office piecing the final results together and making sure everyone had taken everything including someone leaving a phone and ipod on the snooker table and a set of Scottish bowling balls which eventually found their owner. On top of this we had to make sure all the flag poles, plaquards, unwanted raffle prizes etc were all taken out of the bowling centre. I am pretty sure we left well past 8pm and made it to the banquet by 8.40 taking the full set of results for the event to the final dinner. Food was served first before Mark Hutton (Scottish Team Manager)made me a lovely speech thanking me for all my hard work.

I forgot to say thank you to Brian Burdett, something I was kicking myself over later and did apologise to him, but remembered to thank both John Dunne from Ireland and Jane King from Wales for doing such a wonderful job of collecting the scoresheets while I had a few helpers with these pair there was not many sessions that these pair missed so they were invaluable to me. Jane had also helped me with the medals so I gave her the honour of presenting the medals to the Masters winners. Onto the formalities of presenting all the trophies and shields and it was a clean sweep for the England team. Once this was finished the dj started the music and the dance floor soon became packed. Lots of people, including myself, needing to let our hair down. We also had a bit of entertainment from the sister of one of the English bowlers where everyone joined in some popular dances.

The Day After

There were lots of sad faces saying goodbye to Cwmbran in the morning but when I got home I had received a phone call that one of the Irish had left a passport at the hotel so I returned the call only to discover that they had made contact with them and they were on their way back for it, so problem solved. By the afternoon I was so tired I had to have an afternoon nap being so exhausted from the whole thing. I am so glad that Lee Hart was in the managers office all weekend with Brian because not only did he have someone to talk to but he supplied us with cream cakes which are my total downfall but honestly gave me the energy to carry on so I am sure Lee you can certainly come again next time!

With thanks to Lee Hart

What the Coaches, Parents and  Spectators Are Saying

".....A great chance for the kids to meet with and compete against the best bowlers in the UK. Fantastic atmosphere and lots of noise which they need to get used to if they want to compete at this level and higher. The team atmosphere has also been a great experience. very proud parent and looking forward to doing it again in the future....."

A Father's Experience of the NAYBC Triple Crown
"The whole year of touring around England, visiting nearly every big bowling complex, spending hundreds of pounds in fuel, food, accommodation might make a lot of father's wonder if it is all worth it. But let me tell you; having been a sportsman myself, having trials at Derby County in my younger days, the thought of playing for your country would be like going to the moon. However, that is what my daughter achieved when she bowled her heart out in the trials and earned the right to wear an England shirt. So to the event in Cwmbran, Wales; A fabulous occasion, competitive but oh so friendly. Tremendous discipline throughout. Great team spirit and my little girl representing her country, tears yes, tremendous pride, happy days, bring on next year"

A group of dads had some comments to make....

"No lane marshals or help required signs, pins not always setting correctly, positioning of presentations (safety and location of stairs), no pro shop and too long days when a Monday masters competition could be considered. For an international competition the programme (keepsake) and medals were poor. The banquet was not well advertised but that said the atmosphere and centre location  was great and it was good to have two ball parks even if one of them was through the bar area which required us to be escorted. That said, we are very proud to be here of supporters for all the boys and girls and it lovely to see the children associating with the other countries."

Friends of the families.....

"Excellent facilities, best Bowlplex ever been in. Great staff, very clean toilets and lanes in great condition. Position of centre perfect from free parking to shopping centre opposite located close to a good variety of eateries.

Team England was organised exceptionally well by Sue Allen . Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and when and that takes some doing and was done with a friendly smile too!

Bowlers and coaches were very relaxed and thrived at being organised and looked after by the individual coaches. This is the most relaxed Triple Crown I've been to and negatives - only a couple; no podium for medal presentations and lighting not very good. disappointed in quality of medals but it is not the medal but what it stands for that matters...."

A little bit of praise...
".....I'll tell you what; when you go through what Brandon went through, a new set of balls less than a week before coming to Wales and still managing to achieve four gold's, that's some bowling...."

Second to none!
I must say what a fantastic weekend this has been; it doesn't get much better than watching your son represent his country in a major event. I was impressed with the Cwmbran bowl, very well organised and a good social atmosphere among the bowlers, parents, coaches, supporters and staff. Parking was easy, close to the bowl and FREE!

It was a wonderful experience that possibly cannot be beaten. To see all the bowlers playing was an absolute pleasure and the standard these boys and girls set is quite incredible. A big thank you to all the coaches and organisers at TEAM ENGLAND for making this an unforgettable time. Their time, effort and dedication is much appreciated and is second to none!"

A Message from Bowlplex...

Bowlplex Cwmbran is pleased to have had the opportunity to be the host venue this year. We offer our congratulations to all those who have been taking part and in particular to the young bowler Hadley for being the first person ever to score a perfect 300 here at Cwmbran. The team at Cwmbran Bowlplex thank you for visiting us from all over Britain and wish you a safe journey home.

Wales's Adrian Hurst writes...

At last the JTC has arrived after several months of preparation from all teams and it was nice to see so many old friends when everyone assembled in Cwmbran on Friday for the opening ceremony.

This year we are privileged to host the tournament and although not directly involved in the process, I have felt the extra burden and subsequent pressure that this involves.

Thankfully, at least so far, things have gone reasonably well both on and off the lanes, with only a few minor lane breakdowns to deal with.


For those that aren’t aware, the bowl at Cwmbran is a modern 20 lane centre situated in the centre of the town. The main shopping centre and bus station is across the road; the train station is a 5 minute walk away and has the extremely rare of distinction of having lots of free parking throughout the town centre.

Local Perspective

From a Welsh perspective on the lanes things have gone extremely well so far with Bethan Jones scoring her high game and series and Dominic Hall bowling his high series. A silver medal in the boys U16’s by Dominic Hall and Josh Clarke is obviously a massive boost to the entire Welsh Squad.

I look forward to further medal opportunities as the tournament progresses, but even more important, in my opinion, is to see youngsters enjoying themselves and building friendships with kids from other countries.

Finally; thanks to all the adults and bowlers who have helped in any way to ensure the continued success of the tournament and I look forward once again renewing acquaintances next year in Scotland.

The JTC Cwmbran by Adrian Hurst

With thanks to Lee Hart



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